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I am screwed up.


I am screwed up.

Does anyone get involuntary shudders? ’cause I do. And it’s really awkward when I get that look (“what did you just do??”) It usedta only happen when my dad yelled at me when I was little. Now it happens occasionally almost for no reason. Maybe it’s my spine’s way of relieving stress or something.

My legs are dying, bit by bit. First came my right shin. Then my left ankle. Then my right knee. Now my left “patella” and right ankle.
The right shin and the left patella go in the same category: sharp pain upon pressure.
The ankles spaz when I run.
My right knee aches when I use it in excess.

Am I getting old?

I am so dead for english because 1) my group is not prepared to debate (except maybe with each other, and G6, you know that I’m not talking about you, but about those two), 2) we aren’t prepared to debate against the class brains, and also, I don’t really believe in the cause [which we were assigned].

I hate the patriot act. Then again,
I hate terrorists. Then again,
I hate terrorism. Then again,
I hate complications in life and in world situations. On the other hand,
I hate simplicity because it’s really actually quite simple, whether or not I say it’s more complicated than that.
I hate school.
I hate Ms. M.
I hate Asian ‘hotshots’.
I just plain hate hotshots. (Someone hand me the knife [;d concentrating…and…THROW].)
I hate people.
I don’t hate everyone.
I hate humanity.
I hate inhumanity.
I hate books that totally twist your perception (like Companions Of The Night [it’s about vampires] and Witch Child).
I hate books that pretend to be true.
I hate books because I’m so addicted to reading.
I hate having to do homework.
I hate being made fun of.
I hate feeling stupid.
I hate being stupid.
I hate feeling like I am acting… (-_-)U
I hate feeling ditched (which is quite often).
I hate getting caught.
I hate the way my retainer pinches me on the lower jaw.

I’m sorry, cantonese people, but I found this on youtube… and mann…. they’re really bad at Mandarin. With 10 weeks of “chinese 1A”. It’s hilarious. Mandarin-speaking people… did I just hear them say “piao liang” instead of “hao kan”??

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  1. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/03/22 20:49

    hate…. is a very strong word… ^^;;

  2. 2006/03/22 20:53

    Ah. A lot of those hates I share in common with you. >.>
    I read Witch Child before. It screwed with my brain because of the stupid prologue that was all like, “this journal was found hidden in a quilt”… and I was like IS THIS A REAL JOURNAL OR NOT??
    It seems like you are having lots of trouble with your body. Now my advice is to stretch! No, I dunno. I’m joking. But yoga and all that stretchy stuff is supposed to make sure you don’t kill your back when you’re 40. wtvr

  3. 2006/03/22 22:24

    hmm this sounds like an emo post 😛

    but duh the girls are supposed to look alike since it’s based off the same game series
    all the girls dress up a little too revealing also but it was a good game
    I played it and I loved it
    also the singer needs to be shot
    she’s pretty bad
    I bet you would be better than her ^-~

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