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complaints about people


For YYH fans, here’s X4’s new blogring.
~*Smile Bomb – Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction*~
I looked at an anime description of YYH… It doesn’t seem so bad, but nothing special.

I forgot to lodge my Friday complaints about people:

(About cozyslippers, FYI) Emily is being really annoying. She treats me like crap and gives me no respect whatsoever. On Friday, she said about this little thingy that I brought to school to load some notes onto my “U drive” thingamabobber, “Oh, it’s one of those things. I have one like it, only it’s pink, and like, better.” (Now I’m gonna use a “not-typical-me” phrase) Can you say *beeep*?

M7 is so full of himself (and of bull). He thinks that he knows everything. He’s also kinda dramatic, a lot like N7, who is annoying AND argumentative and clueless (like about when to shut up). The first thing that M7 said to the group was “OK, [name], you’re really good at [whatever],” et cetera. I said, “Nuh-uh. who made you the expert on us?!” He said “OK, I’ve known you guys for 2 years,” (wanna bet?) and I said, “Sure,” so he said, “You want to prove me wrong?” [Author’s note: this would be a good time to discuss burden of proof.] Also, to add to his self-image, he’s doing a solo for “Prelude to My Shepherd Will Be My Guide” (or something like that) in orchestra (with the harp, too) and he doesn’t realize it, but he sounds awful. Actually, the whole viola section sucks, but that’s not my point. He makes such a big deal of it, but he sounds like he has no sense of music whatsoever. Also, he sits up like he’s thinks he’s so noble and great and all that crap and I feel like (and I’m sure that his stand partners do as well) slamming a textbook on his head and telling him to (as Mr. A says) cut the crap.
Speaking of orchestra, the concertmaster, Michael, doesn’t sound so well on his solo either. Oh well. Who am I to criticize, yeah, yeah, I know.

My lip is slit, and everyone is noticing. Everyone is telling me to get chapstick, but my mom figures it’s too late. I can’t laugh, I can’t eat citrus, ‘I can’t do nothing“. Practically. OK, I HAVE chapstick, I’m just not used to using that sort of thing in EXCESS. Last time I did, M2 FORCED me to. If I didn’t submit, she’d probably attack me with lip gloss or something and I’d die. (See, she attacked my face when H was attacking my hair. This was a while ago.)


Everyone, click “My Profile” under “Edit”. My thing got some sort of upgrade! It’s really weird.

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  1. 2006/03/20 20:51

    yes it’s prob ’cause of mozilla
    also it doesn’t do it with IE

    and yes Die Another Day is from James Bond movie
    I know but it’s a good song from madonna

    and hello I used to live in City A


  2. 2006/03/20 22:07

    ack, people problems.
    Still get chapstick or vaseline(?) or something for your lip. Unless it’s really really split bad, and you can’t even smear stuff over it.

  3. 2006/03/21 03:28

    that was fun.. I still have a picture. such cuteness ;] I told you.. gui hua gao. it’ll sting but keep attacking it with stuff like that or else it won’t ever get better. that’s one bad case of cracked lips you got x_x

  4. 2006/03/21 19:44

    wow, the upgraded profile thingie is cool. thanks for letting me (and everyone else) know. take care of your lip. 😉

  5. 2006/03/21 20:13

    uh…. good luck with your lip….. YYH isn’t that bad, I read a couple of chapters, ^^

  6. 2006/03/21 20:34

    some1 you don’t know
    and w/e you gotta be like having alzheimer’s
    your forgetfulness is getting worse 😛

  7. 2006/03/21 20:45

    🙂 smile! (;

    • ʃ.ɑ.k permalink*
      2014/07/10 12:08

      ^ sadistic thing to say to someone with cracked lips if it were on purpose

  8. 2006/03/21 21:29


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