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neighbors and stuff


Yesterday was sad ’cause my dad made me go to bed at 7 to wake up fifteen minutes later, but it turned out that I was so fast asleep that I couldn’t wake up even with my whole family trying to get in my face. Sad. And I didn’t wake up ’til my dad woke me up at 11:15 PM to brush my teeth and go BACK to bed. I feel like such a loser. XP

For losers like me, here’s the lyrics to my ex-BG music clip

Hast thou seen Him, heard Him, known Him?
Is not thine a captured heart?
Chief among ten thousand own Him
Joyful choose the better part

Captivated by His beauty
Worthy tribute haste to bring
Let His peerless worth constrain thee
Crown Him now unrivaled king

I currently think that the most weird thing is that my mom said that the only people at my neighbor’s house is some weird kid that’s apparently the only kid of the house and his grandma. Now, here’s where we come in. If they have any emergencies whatsoever for until next Thursday (after the coming Thursday), they call us. And currently, I’m the only one home. They better be normal.

We used to know them reasonably well, but we haven’t been neighborly with anyone except the neighbor who owns the house, for at least five years. My mom and the Mrs. of next door have been in contact recently because some young lady wants in on a gov’t job. She didn’t get in, so she’s bugging my parents. And the neighbor is mixed up in this, I guess, ’cause she works in the gov’t.

Well, also they were in touch ’cause my mom called (when we still had Rocky) about caring for dogs (they have three) and they were like, “Yeah, our son can tell you the exact time your dog starts barking ’cause that’s when he’s trying to sleep.” (So? Do I care what some tenth grader thinks of our adorably vicious dog whom my parents don’t take care of besides shopping for dog food and toys at my request? You complain, you answer to me!)

How do I know what grade he’s in? I was looking in the A Elementary directory from 1997-2001 for people that I
know to be people that I knew but that don’t know that I knew (confusing, I know) and found our neighbor’s brat in there.
Also, they have two kids, but I think that the older one, a girl, is probably ancient now… not too ancient, but if the younger one is in tenth grade, God knows how old the older one is now. I know that I said, “only kid,” but hey, she’s probably not really a kid anymore.

How do I know that they have three dogs? The last time that i talked to the neighbors was during the Cocoa 2 era (concerning the backyard) and the period of the snake within that era, because I started chatting with the neighbors because Max (the kid) was trying to hunt out the local snake. His mom was busy taming the garden itself (you don’t have to be there to smell the roses). I was asking if it was a corn snake, and he didn’t remember. So, I got invited next door to ‘help’ (very pointless) and ran in and got introduced to two dogs and a puppy (who’d been to our house a couple times).
I remember that the puppy’s name was Elsie, because when she got away from Matilda (the girl), I studied the name tag. Then our dogs started tearing each other apart all in good will in my backyard while my mom left a message at the phone number.
Anyhow, back to the snakehunt. Nothing was accomplished, except I managed to keep in touch with the dogs for the rest of the year (especially the summer).

That reminds me… There was one summer when, after properly befriending the dog next door, I got to know our other neighbor: some old guy (like grandfather old). He liked to work in his backyard sometimes, and we chatted every day. He had a cigar, too. How unusual. I remember that I talked about some pretty stupid stuff that I would die if I talked about it now. Basically, I adored horses (even though I couldn’t have any) and he had a big backyard. Go figure what a selfish little brat would talk about. Yes, when one is at a certain age, one is very bratty.

My mom thinks that he and his household moved out, and I think so too, ’cause that one time, I saw bike outlines through our fence somehow (I forget exactly how, but I remember that I did, and freaked out ’cause the place was crammed with stupid people. Partiers. Sounding drunk, smelling like smoke… get the picture. And I also heard some girl laughing, so obviously (like, duh, obvious), it wasn’t some old people’s get-together-and-remember-the-golden-years thing.

I got carried away again. My bad.

link to K9 Advantix commercial
You probably have seen it, but I think that it’s cute.


No one is checking my posts.

I’ve realized something. Everyone’s way of talking is warped. Even the creator of the Patriot Act version of Monopoly said, “like,…” I’m trying not to use the phrases because it’s getting kind of annoying how you think it’s just a teen thing… then you hear the adults talk… and that is not right.

“She was all…, then I was all…, and then we-like…,”
“I’m like, such a total, like, klutz.”
“You’re like, so STUPID.”
“It’s like, ‘What the beep?! That’s so so beeeeep retarded!’ so I’m all…”

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  1. 2006/03/19 15:13

    this was like the most random thing that like I read today. ‘Cept I didn’t like actually read anything else today except for like a book that I read like at 7:00 in the morning and I drew like no meaning from it at all, ’cause I was like sooo tired. And then U4 like was like not calling me for like, ever! so I’m having like the worst time with my projects, of which I have like 4 or something like that.
    like, bye I guess, except I like don’t wanna go. I think I’ll like print the like patriot game thing and like gift wrap or something like that for Reeve. K, I have to like, go now. like, bye.

  2. 2006/03/19 16:41

    Hahaha. I know, the “like” thing. My math teacher brought it up (he’s british) when he was talking to a girl who kept saying it, and so she tried not to say it but then she still did and it was funny and kind of pathetic that we can’t control it.
    Is it just a California thing? I think it is. ><;

  3. 2006/03/20 14:30

    LOL. chronic headache is why I missed school today.

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