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a lot of broken violin strings


Today, err…

well, we were tuning our violins, and my bridge was starting to really tick me off, so I adjusted and re-tuned it. The E string broke. Sooo I took it to Mr. B. He replaced it… but the string snapped. Then he tried again. Same thing. So he had to resort to his better quality strings (I think). And that’s what I’m stuck with. Hopefully, I don’t owe anything!! <.<…. >.>…. <.<….


  1. I need WAAYYYY better handwriting (when I type, I type for a reason).
  2. I need to be WAAYYY faster in working.
  3. I need to not want to see people update so fast, especially when I’m on a computer.
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  1. 2006/03/17 00:45

    eheheheh… well that happens. I guess you were a little luckier than Hannah (she’s one of our basses). I think we were playing Farewell when the bridge of her bass suddenly flew off without warning. It went like BANG and man I thought a bomb blew off. She couldn’t play the rest of the period.

  2. 2006/03/17 00:46

    oh yeah, and the poor 7th grade bass player who used the same bass as Hannah (it was the school’s instrument) thought someone had stolen the bridge. Mr. O said she went hysterical.

  3. 2006/03/17 01:31


  4. 2006/03/17 10:48

    Heh lucky you, getting high quality strings for free. When Mr. A says you are getting high quality strings that means you’re getting a $12 string set instead of a $10 string set. That’s Mr. A’s definition of high quality with us.

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