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reading China Boy


This book… First sad… Then frustration… Then triumph… Then disappointment… AND I’M STILL NOT DONE (gee, that’s a record… seriously)


I feel like a hypocrite.. D*****, I need to get my math stuff done SOMEtime but I mean COME ON it’s 12:22 and I’m getting apprehensive about my health… and the other computer just died… for no reason… so I’m like WHAT?! I NEED TO EMAIL MY TEACHER!! rrgh. So I had ta use this noisy old thing.

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  1. 2006/03/10 20:39

    LOL sucks badly
    well look at the bright side
    your dad can fix it 😛

  2. 2006/03/11 22:19

    What book? China Boy? Well, if you’re not done. FINISH IT!
    Hypocrite? Why?
    Apprehensive about health? Health class? or Health in general (as in physical health)? I hope it’s health class, because you could die if your physical health is bad. You can live with a bad health grade.
    Damnit? or Darnit? I would assume that it’s damnit, because darnit isn’t really a swear word that needs to have asterisks covering up the letters.
    Died? How can a computer die? And yeah, shouting at inanimate objects won’t help a situation. If your computer died, how are you able to go online and post this? (For those of you that know HTML, you might get it, for others… well… um… learn HTML)

    Aren’t you glad I fit this comment into one actual comment? Instead of 10?

  3. 2006/03/12 08:37


  4. 2006/03/13 19:33

    told ya
    your dad can fix a lot of things
    I idol him as a computer technician

    join this blog ring
    it’s great

  5. 2006/03/13 19:46

    hola! go to my xanga NOW!!! I have a real good AMV on now (and it has words) xD LOL, just read it, get it over with as fast as you can, and then read something you would enjoy, (manga) do your parents still forbid you to read them?

  6. 2006/03/13 19:59

    yup Shaggy Dog. it’s about this lawyer guy turning into a dog…

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