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repost with updates


(Reposting for people who didn’t see it… and never check previous entries…)

OK, check this out.

My dad says that there’s a microchip that you can have and it accesses your medical history or something. There’s a barcode or something and the first three digits are ALWAYS 666, and they go on your forehead and on your arm.

Mull over this for a second.

Now, read Revelations 13:16 – 18.

Done? You think this is coincidence or no?

Since won’t let me download its music, I’m just listening to the songs. For some reason, it’s looping. It usually doesn’t do that.

My God, my portion, and my love, my everlasting all………………………….. OK now it’s getting to my head… SWITCH… Hmmm

Lyrics to new choice:
It’s called, “Divine Romance”. I didn’t know it was called that… but the tune is awesome. For some reason it sounds a lot, but not quite exactly, like “Wherever You Go, I Will Go” ( by the same person (Howard Higashi). He’s dead now… but you guys should listen to at least a few of his songs at He’s an excellent songwriter.

BTW, there’s no Church B YG today because there’s a “gospel meeting”, so anyone want to invite me to Church A YG? I don’t know…. I probably will be very sour if I go, but you know… I think it’s also important to update in that area… so I can be accurate when I complain! And let’s see, next week, HOPEFULLY I’ll be away at a conference for sisters, so don’t wonder where I am if no one sees me at church. I’m only going if I get ahead in HW.


Now look at my username. (It’s so annoying how when I use actual characters it goes ??? Literally… like it switches to “???”)

–edit 3/5–

Listening to “Take Time To Behold Him”: H, you know what I’m talking about right?

What kind of person am I? On the internet, I’m more often sarcastic; in real life, I just keep to myself, or am sullen, or hyperactive, or like a stupid person who is just ridiculously angry and forgot how to freakin’ shut up, or a self-righteous goody-goody, or skittish/nervous/scared, or too loud… Sometimes, I catch myself acting, and I think… “Why am I the way I am?” I think I behave like an idiot… begging food, glaring, wandering around like I’m looking for someplace to sit, but when I get somewhere decent, I feel very uncomfortable. At church, I never know what to think. Should I be nice, should I be lost, should I hold still, should I try to be funny, should I be a pathetic person who doesn’t realize how stupid I’m being and get in a sarcastic debate? And whenever I feel slightly angry, I let out a hiss… Is that stupid or what??????

Argh. Yesterday, I began wanting to see what it was like at Church A YG, just out of curiosity, but my dad just figured, well, I left for a reason, so why go back? And I’m going back to a YG from a church that my dad left. What the hey?!

And I hate seeing depressing images ’cause they make me want to come out of myself and hit me, ’cause I have to hit a human, and my friends all are like, “Gee, [Shock], you’re really violent.” Well gee, saying that’s not going to change me… Heh, you can blame that on my dad for having me watch so many James Bond Movies… until it seemed OK to kill… and we always skipped certain [ahem] parts, so that it seemed that much worse than violence… and now look at me.. I hate myself for being so slow at reaction, so un-clear-headed….  I am going to swear if I don’t shut up, so I will shut up.


Peoplez… tell me what you think of me, but if it’s frustration and you’re going to get into language… please click the link.


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  1. 2006/03/05 21:04

    yeah, that’s a good song, good reminder.
    I don’t see you often so yah, but I kind of understand what you mean. just don’t analyze yourself too much, don’t restrict yourself to much. open up a little? sometimes you seem nervous or awkward, but I’m like that sometimes too. thinking about yourself too much, it makes the head hurt. don’t worry how you should be.. just be yourself

  2. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/03/05 23:58


  3. 2006/03/06 01:02

    don’t be rude. commenting all over everything is fine if you’re so inclined but if you’re going to do so, I’ll ask you to do it nicely. Otherwise, stop.

  4. 2006/03/06 03:03

    [Shock] 需要这些邪恶的芯片的当中一个

  5. 2006/03/07 02:23

    for the 666 thing… that’s pretty crazy that it’s happening already. have you read Left Behind?

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