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stuck in my head


I have a stupid, Taiwanese children’s song stuck in my head, and I don’t even know what the heck it’s singing, just that it’s stuck in my head… Anyone heard of this rhyme? I forgot the second half kinda…. soo half is missing…

shan luen che pao de kuai (three-wheeled cart goes really fast)
shang mien zhuo ge lao tai tai (on it is sitting an old lady)
yao wu mao gei yi kuai (begs for 5 dimes, gets a dollar)
ni shuo chi guai bu chi guai (do think that is weird or not)

Yep I’m horrible at translating.

OMN… It’s stuck in my head now…. Greeeatt… There’s an original tune, but my mom let me listen to this stupid CD that like sings it 10 other common tunes…


OK I added the tune as background… It’s not very good. I got it off the internet 0=D heh heh…(nobody sue me)


My cousin P who is two years younger emailed me something and I wanted to reply, but his email is now a dud for some reason. Dddddddd….arn.

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  1. 2006/03/02 18:34

    well, everybody in Taiwan would have heard it. I would write the whole thing out in Chinese, but I doubt you’ll be able to read it. there’s another set of lyrics about some monkeys too.

  2. 2006/03/02 18:37

    what an annoying song it is! LOL yeah my last name is [censor]. ooh so no wonder I thought I saw you somewhere.. the first time I saw you at tkd I was like WHOA I’ve seen her before! and yeah.. hehe.

  3. 2006/03/02 20:22

    whatever… the tune’s cute.

  4. 2006/03/02 20:22

    I have to admit, it’s a really interesting song, it’s not bad……. it’s just really…… well, it’s kinda hard to explain, and I have no idea who suiren124 is……. why?

  5. 2006/03/02 20:23


  6. 2006/03/02 21:18

    XDDDD That is such a funny song!! I’m especially happy because I can understand most of it. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD YAY!
    *attempts second verse*
    little monkey zi zi jiao? zi ci jiao? is he clipping his nails???
    and… something about his stomach, and not being able to jump/dance… is he full?
    the monkey was offered a banana… but he didn’t want it…. ni shuo qi guai bu qi guai yaaaaaaaay

  7. 2006/03/02 21:19

    oh dang, it’s “hao xiao” not qi guai. it ended before I could type it out. boooooo

  8. 2006/07/03 16:33

    zi zi jiao is like, calling sharply.

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