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I have been listening to too many MVs… I am going stupid… augh. Like out of curiosity, I checked out a whole bunch of stuff… Oop I forgot [to check out?] the J-Pop people… (oh-oh) Here goes nothing


Eww Remind me to never see Ayumi Hamasaki or Koda Kumi again (gag) and O, if you’re reading this…”Real Emotion” is by Koda Kumi, not Ayumi.

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  1. 2006/03/01 23:19

    who’s this?

  2. 2006/03/02 00:10

    it’s the school musical; I’ve told you that already. AOD = angel of death. she has her reasons.

  3. 2006/03/02 17:49

    LOL I like most of Ayumi Hamasaki’s songs. but I’ve never watched her MVs. blah

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