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I… am going… to DIE


Yesterday I started choking during PE as after-effect from being strangled by D7 on Saturday… She grabbed me by collar when I was running off and I just HAD to be so bull-headed as to try to run away even harder, which left me choking a bit and very much ready to throw up. argh.

I think I am the slowest runner I know, though, and speaking of such, I have the worst reflexes ever.

I wanna go to the the sisters’ young people conference… approximately A WEEK AND A HALF FROM NOW, but I’m already behind schedule in regard to extracurricular activities, and I am going to die because on top of that because when I went to the acupuncture place yesterday, Dr. Dawei Zheng (or something like that) said I should try soaking my left ankle in hot water with epsom salt (any spicy spices would be good, too) for 20 MINUTES TWICE A DAY. Time is so very precciouss
*blink*… (*hits self* Stupid… quit being so obsessed with LoTR)

ANYway, I have like a ton of homework, like 2 projects… and the “idea” thingys are due to-morrow… AUUUGGHHH I want to get some partners for my history project ’cause I wanna have help even though it means more requirements… and oh, crud, the progress report that I totally forgot about until Ms. N reminded us is due freakin’ tomorrow as well… and I need to catch up on math because I was stupid and FORGOT about Ms. C’s project on imperfect versus preterite the weekend before, and last weekend I totally got lost… I had no clue what I was gonna do… and I have a ton of practicing (violin) to catch up…. and I hafta catch up with three kumons… and four if I wanna get ahead or else I will never get to go to that conference… augh

On the happy side, I served (and “spiked”) the winning point for my “volleyball team” for PE… We had nine people… and on the bad side, I still have skills testing to do….

Well as far as I remember, my team was:
R3, athletic wonder: She’s my guard… kinda… She sorta catches everything for me. She’s awesome and she LOVES pigs so naturally we’re best friends…. She kept saying E7 was a really good server, but he either hits a good one or he hits it like 4 feet too low.
F7, ultra tall person who kept hitting the ball backwards
me, bad at it… period: I’m so slow. I just got a lucky serve ’cause I kicked out G7 from my spot when we switched.
G7, idiot and no hope for him: All he says is “Who sucks? H7 does. who sucks? I7 even more” (people on opposite team) when he should have helped us play!!! He WAS on my team, but I felt like killing him anyway. He did get in a good serve once… in his lifetime.
J7, kinda dumb if you ask me: He’s polite, but hangs out with the stupid people. He left his roll call line, so I figure he’s not too smart.
G6: All I remember is that she was in the three-person group with me and Katherine. She’s a PE teacher’s ideal student–stinks, maybe, but tries so hard… it’s kinda sad.
E7: Long story short, I hate him and he constantly rubs my un-athleticness in my face, but we’ve pretty much never talked to each other. That started when I was on his temporary basketball team for the first day of the session and I didn’t play ’cause I just can’t react fast enough, so the best I can do is stay out of the way… but obviously sports people can’t get it into their thick skulls that other people just might not be able to play half so well as they expect them to do…. grrr *hiss!!* *BOOHISSY*… Hits too high–the ball hit the ceiling.
and the other two people I forget. Just random “cast of thousands” people as far as I’m concerned, ’cause they weren’t particularly annoying, but they weren’t particularly going after the ball so much.

I think I know why I like using Xanga so much. Some people I talk to here… I know who they are, but I would never talk to them in real life.
Like O3. She is soo outa my circle at school… but on Xanga, I just go to her site and comment and I don’t care who I’m talking to. Even if she never comments back.
And K7’s brother…at school, I wouldn’t dare to greet him, ’cause… like I don’t know him… but on Xanga, I’m like, “HURRY UP AND UPDATE!!!”
And X2… I can be sarcastic, laugh, make faces, whatever, but outside, I’m like..”umm hi.”
And B6… At church, I’m like, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING TO ME FOR?!” but on Xanga, I’m like, “update, stupid”.
… and I can kid around with people like I’m a friend or something… OK people, don’t get insulted if I mentioned you here, if it seemed insulting, but I’m just saying… I created a blogring and invited several people… but in real life, would I even say just “hi”?

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  1. 2006/02/28 20:48

    ouch… that’s gotta hurt

  2. 2006/02/28 21:36

    Do I still (my posts, more precisely) scare you sometimes on xanga? Because I swear I see some familiar things in your post. XD It’s great.

    I know what you mean. Actually, like 3 or 4 of my main people on xanga, I don’t even see anymore. And quite a couple I met on AIM first, and in real life, it went slowly like this:
    “You’re the dude I talk to online.”
    “Yeah, I know.”
    And later online, you could talk to that same person and say, “gee, that was weird at school today” and they’d go “yeah, LOL”….
    XDD It used to bug/worry me a lot. It doesn’t so much any more. I guess mainly because I HAVEN’T been talking to new people lately? xp

  3. 2006/03/01 00:47


  4. 2006/03/01 01:06

    OK, um well, CALM DOWN!!! everything will be fine….. I guess…

  5. 2006/03/01 01:12

    ooh you have lots of homework too!! ahaha I’m not alone!!! yess!
    and yeah the only reason we don’t really talk outside of xanga is because I never really go to tkd anymore (which I really should…) and I usually don’t have enough energy left to join the “lower rank” class after my own class 😛 BUT when I stop being a lazy bum and do those things, we can talk more! and be sarcastic and laugh and make faces and ..whatever! LOL weeee..
    you have a cute doggy. 😀 [/stupid]

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