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Now all I hafta do is pull off straight As for the rest of my life… ’cause Bs won’t really help, I think..

Anyone seen my new pic? I messed with it a bit… Very amateur, but it’s a first, yeaahh…


Wow, I edited this thing; now the “entry” thing is like platinum… Weird.

I turned on my guestbook and guess what? I already have it signed by someone that I don’t know, and I have no clue how they left it there ’cause I shut down the guestbook as far as I know….?

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  1. 2006/02/22 22:17

    so… what kind of nerd am I?

  2. 2006/02/23 02:55

  3. 2006/02/23 18:41

    heh you with long hair
    I remember those days
    you look better with long hair 😛 but yea looks great

  4. 2006/02/23 19:34

    real interesting, good luck with that! ^^

  5. 2006/02/24 19:49

    too much talkie. so tired. doesn’t the library censor their young adult books???

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