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escapee from valentine’s day


OK… building a list

Formerly considered pagan festivals
1. St. Valentine’s Day
2. Christmas

But W4’s prank sounded pretty funny… Last year, Valentine’s Day was no school so there wasn’t stupid people joking with other people about being “their” valentine… Whatever -_-U On the bright side, there weren’t carnations and crush sodas for those idiots… yet… but ha there aren’t any “Sobe”s anymore….

R3 helped me with my running today!! Yeah.. I didn’t run hard and I made the minimum perfectly on time… without collapsing IMMEDIATELY… but I was limping ’cause everyday during warmup when we hop around to those stupid warmup CDs my left ankle kinda compresses or something so I can’t REALLY do the warmup, and when I was running, my left knee did pretty much the same thing, which left me one leg to balance on!!

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At least I wasn’t under THIS.

Anyone who’s curious.. This is my list of subs

what’s his face (JK)
Z6 (who was being very critical of my perfect cousin H)
Q2 whee
bAkAsHiNoBi_x3 you wouldn’t know
B6 (world’s dumbest idiot)
“X4” ehh X4
X2 whom I know from taekwondo kinda now!!! 0=D
Katrina (never been to my site….)
Emily (doesn’t update)
the most uncool person in the world XD
B5 who moved
you wouldn’t know her either
M2 who ditched xanga
weelll…my ancient cousin said this was his site…but it’s awfully weird…
D3 who also ditched xanga
I think this is Sarah who ditched A Junior High
my stupid cousin R6 who only has one entry

11 Comments leave one →
  1. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/02/16 20:37

    the most uncool person in the world XD 🙂

  2. 2006/02/16 20:49

    and are you actually wearing short-shorts in that pic? *rubs eyes in amazement* never would have believed it of you [Shock]…

  3. 2006/02/16 21:16

    not like you haven’t grown since then XD

  4. 2006/02/17 01:27

    That is a loooooong list. D5!!! hey hey I know her.
    That snake is heavy looking. Cool. XD

  5. 2006/02/17 23:04

    um… actually there is NOTHING wrong with the picture… you just don’t know your proportions… so you wouldn’t know if it was right or wrong as long as it looked nice.

  6. 2006/02/18 00:51

    [Shock] – I didn’t call you anything. I’m just saying that if you’re going to call me critical, you’re even more critical than I am. bAkAsHiNoBi_x3 – Um… Even [Shock] agreed that it was too thick at the head (AKA Unproportional)… Sooo… get your biased self away and see if you can learn what “proportional” means. And since you are probably too retarded to see what a real human head looks like, maybe you should go and kill yourself, because you couldn’t tell if our human drawings are right or wrong.

  7. 2006/02/18 20:30

    AAARRRRGG [Shock] stop being sarcastic with your comments! never mind. sorry.

  8. 2006/02/18 23:49

    how did I get title of world’s dumbest idiot?????

  9. 2006/02/19 03:20

    😳 ehh I think something went wrong here..
    G6- that was summer 2004. it was hot. :dizzy:
    G6’s evil twin- :jealous: of course!! you think I am always EXACTLY the same?
    C5 (just for the heck of it)- I didn’t say you didn’t know D5 :bored:
    chrystal- :cute: I hope I wasn’t insultin’
    Z6- :whatever: you don’t have to be so impolite to people you don’t know so well… fine, keep your criticisms BUT DON’T TELL ANYONE TO COMMIT SUCIDE.
    N2- :yell: what did I do?!!
    B6- 🙂 good. you’re insulted.

  10. 2006/02/20 17:32

    I laugh at you
    man I wish that snake was hungry ’cause it would’ve been a cool scene 👿

  11. 2006/02/20 23:24

    :yell: auh! oh gee thanks. :whatever:

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