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deal with it


unrealistic request

  • wanted:  older sibling
  • what for: to teach me how to be annoying (evil laugh), maybe to look up to (MAYBE), definitely to talk to,  possibly to fight with (without getting into trouble because, after all, we ARE siblings 0=D), so that I don’t need friends so much, AND to teach me stuff so that I’m not such a freakin’ klutz. Like, it’s really annoying ’cause my parents want me to teach myself basketball so my grade in PE goes up but honestly, I know it doesn’t help AT ALL, also to help me take care of a dog ’cause my dad is just not a dog person, whether he likes it or not, and it’s really frustrating and even though the SSPCA are gonna be able to take care of Rocky, I KNOW they won’t be able to figure out what language Rocky “speaks”. They’re gonna have a hellish time trying to get Rocky to “sit” at the command… Unless they try hand signals, ’cause we (me and rocky)’ve worked on that…

ack.. I hate my retainer.. I just got it back.

I’m going korean freak. Look at this.

1.  Sometimes I eat the kimchi version of instant noodles
2.  I have almost 15 korean friends… Waait… Lemme count….
3.  On Sunday, I went to a korean supermarket
4.  On Monday, my dad rented a Korean car… Don’t ask
5.  This doesn’t really count, but I AM taking taekwondo…

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  1. 2006/02/13 22:33

    aww… that’s kinda sweet… but teaching you how to be annoying? I’M the older one but I take my turns and annoy HIM. But then, we’re a dysfunctional family.

  2. 2006/02/14 19:37

    I… forgot what I was saying. then take me to the sac one sometime

  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/02/14 20:37

    :jealous: :bored: :dizzy: 😳 :please: :yell: :tired: :relief: 👿
    … wowzies these are pretty cool [Shock].. ^^ teach them how to be annoying? first of all.. you don’t need help with that… ^^ JK second… they’re not gonna teach you.. they keep it to themselves so they can annoy you… ^^ trust me I’ve done it before.. ^^
    COOL korean is sooo definitely coooooLOL!!! ^^ I wonder why.. anyways… why is the SPCA taking care of your doggie?

  4. 2006/02/16 20:34

    👿 :blushing: :jealous: :bored: :dizzy: :sleep: 🙂 :cute: :relief: :yell: 😳 :phew: :tired: :whatever: :please:

  5. 2006/02/19 17:51

    wahhh….. you hurt my feelings… I’m telling your mommy on you!!!!!!!!!

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