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I’m back from MOT!!!! I survived the ultimate boredom… I hate touring museums in big groups. It’s so tiring to keep track of everyone.


3:15 Woken by my dad who rushed me into breakfast and etc. Barely managed to get freakin’ backpack so I’d have something to do… Didn’t forget anything I really wanted with me *phew*
4:30 Arrived at school, grabbed name tag, put away luggage, found chaperon, and lined up for bus.
4:45  Boarded bus. Sat behind X4 and S3, sat next to Hwa Jin Lee, put on the chinese choir CD in my CD player, and tried to fall asleep.

  • 6-ish 7-ish Had breakfast and seat partner offered gummy bears and fish crackers! =P and of course she began exchangin’ Korean notes with M3
    later Watched “Perfect Score”
    11:30 Commons for lunch, walking in circles very much lost… They should be more orderly!! Every food area is practically hidden!!! Except for the salad bar, the drinks, and this one place in the center where kitchen staff just hand out whatever they’re cooking.
    1:00 Check in at Doubletree hotel, take off extra layers ’cause it is soo HOT. -_-;;;
    2:30 Getty Museum. Status of friendship with Hwa Jin is “best friend” in the chaperon group.  Hafta keep tabs on chaperon which doesn’t let you see much, but it doesn’t matter ’cause all the art is inappropriate, practically. I hate renaissance art.     Anyway, we got separated from the rest of the group ’cause Hwa Jin kinda liked the idea of taking pictures at the circular garden (of course she’s not photogenic so guess who’s playing fobby tourist? ˙_˙U) and when we got back we lazed around with M3, Emily (cozyslippers), G6, and R3–extreme tennis player and insane runner–and Haemin’s other korean friends. Ran into Ms. M who gave me a lecture, then overheard my chaperon complaining in a concerned tone, annoying Hwa Jin and me. Mrs. Woods OBVIOUSLY can’t get it into her THICK skull that I DID NOT hear her say, “We’re leaving, girls,” and even if I’m the only one who knows how to talk comprehensibly to Hwa Jin and understand her to some degree, it doesn’t make it my fault.
    6:00 Noted that dinner is the same as lunch.
    7:30 Toured UCLA… Only part I understood was when the groups joined and the guy told us about how an “injured” [offended] architect constructed a  whirlpool by a building so that if you look at the big picture with a weird imagination, it’s a toilet (the water comes out of one whole and drains in the center, but to be honest it looks like a circular waterfall… “flat outwards, drop, flat in center”) and discussed a few pranks between it and another nearby college. Meanwhile I’m sitting with the korean people ^^ so i get korean poprocks!! I still don’t know the name of any of the koreans except Hwa Jin and Jin Soo Kim who can be a big jerk sometimes! She and this other guy whose name I still don’t know were bickering constantly and it was kinda funny actually ’cause I didn’t understand anything unless the guy (who somehow knew more english) explained.
    9:30 Called O, showered, and watched “Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular”, and brushed teeth.
    10:00 Turned in cell phone, watched some anime show on Adult Swim that was like really creepy and confusing. X4 wanted to talk about weird things while S3 just fell asleep  ˙_˙U


6:40 Listened to X4 complain about S3, the sweetest seeming person around, kicking and shoving her while she slept, and how someone made weird noises and I have no clue why, and went down to the lobby.
7:15 Marched to UCLA for breakfast grr and got kinda lost but got there and had breakfast without missing time.
8:30 MOT Finding Our Families, Finding Ourselves exhibit. Lost “pencil bag” (and everything in it) at some point.
11:30 Barely finished sandwich and had to toss water and donate everything untouched. I’d call it a waste of water.. and I was SO dehydrated…
12:30 Survivor of Holocaust presentation. EXTREMELY worn out from worrying about lost things, half-lost struggle to sustain consiousness… Woke up after not too long and caught the “best” parts of the story anyhow… Very sad…
later Went through everything else for the day.. At the end of the day Hannah Allen happened to hear my worried story about my lost things, and said she somehow ended up with it and gave it to a chaperon (who was identified after another search) so now I found it and thanked her for finding it.
5:00 Dinner… Afterwards, just hung out outside to be reassigned temporarily to new chaperon for activity (I chose play)
8:00 Watched “The Importance of Ernest” Very ironic. Don’t like writer, but play was very nicely done… Slightly cheesy XD hahah
11:00 Checked in cell phone, brushed teeth and etc. Watched anime pretty late.


6:30 Woke up, checked out of Doubletree, turned in hotel keys, etc.

  •  7:30 Had breakfast (and Hwa Jin got permission to ride on the bus with all the other korean people and R3 got sent back for her TENNIS TOURNAMENT)
  • afterwards MOT… Just classic educational stuff that we all get… None of the “to the heart” things they’re known for
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • sometime during the bus trip 3 lame cheesy, awful movies: Johnny English (eugh), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (was huddled trying to listen to chinese girl choir), and Walk to Remember (ehh interesting..)
  • even later Pizza dinner… We stopped somewhere and ate on the bus… M3 and the argumental korean guy were trying to communicate and he was just flashing the camera whenever G6 gave M3 bunny ears.
  •  even even later Got OUTA the bus and left for Jia Mei ASAP

Rocky is currently “surrendered” and my mom posted a reminder not to ever get a dog except maybe from CCI but I think we’ll just ruin the poor dog ’cause we have not friggin’ time to train our dogs.

OMGoodness B6 was at the YP meeting and I nearly thought to murder him for shocking me… but obviously I didn’t


I think I got everything now…

Speaking of J5… We went to a korean supermarket and ran into A7 and B7, and then my dad started chatting with the cashier… and I just heard him say, “[J5’s surname]’s a common name….” and my dad said, “My daughter has many korean friends, one in taekwondo and in violin class, many at school…<bla bla bla>” gah… *runs*

Zoology 2004!!!

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Don’t I look dumb?

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wahaha I got the magic leash

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I’m the center here! XP

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worm dissection

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Stupid seat partner, get your name tag outta there… This is MY dissection!!

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Aren’t DRAGONS cute?

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I’m wearing that lab coat for a REASON

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Yep that was me… a bit tied up…

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oh the shock

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I do believe that is me under the table!! :shocked:

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  1. 2006/02/11 20:39

    [Shock]! are you telling me that you did not appreciate at least one part of the field trip? nothing? the play, MOT, getty, the movies on the bus???? after that poor man nearly started crying, educating you about the holocaust with his own life story.
    oh… unfinished.

  2. 2006/02/12 12:15

    Wow sounded like really random and stupid chaotic field trip. Well at least you are back ^-^

  3. 2006/02/12 14:56

    the sounds were us… M3 was telling us totally creepy korean ghost stories…

  4. 2006/02/12 15:18

    [Shock], where did you get that layout for B5’s site when it was that red flower with the black background?

  5. 2006/02/13 01:42

    Boredom?? What are you talking about? Looks pretty cool to me.. I love korean supermarkets.. aha. Wait, when it says “zoology 2004” does that mean these pictures are from 2004?

  6. 2006/02/13 01:43

    PS. I don’t know anybody from your school. are they in premier?

  7. 2006/02/13 02:20


  8. 2006/02/13 17:13

    awwwww………. great pics………
    haven’t edited it at alll yet….

  9. 2006/02/20 15:49

    yo estoy mucho bored. :bored:

  10. 2006/02/20 15:51

    oink. My sis is trying to be annoying, she doesn’t realize she already is.

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