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retainer broke



The bottom retainer broke. My jaw like acts up whenever I take them off so that I go insane and the only way to cure it is to put them back on. But if I put them back on, weell I haven’t learned to eat with them quite yet, and I can’t completely close my mouth in the front because my top retainer “locks” in at the back, making it impossible to bite… AND my jaw on the left side is also sore, adding to the original pain of the top retainer digging in my mouth at the left. I put some dental wax stuff for braces/retainers on it to soften the sharp ends but it’s still sore..

Yes, my entries are really focused on my teeth… auw. (instead of ow)

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  1. 2006/02/06 19:15

    relax [Shock] you will get use to them pretty soon
    most people get use to them after a month :cute:<-[Shock]

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