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I got “twin block appliance”
Looks like this

(These pics are from the internet, though :pleased:)

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  1. 2006/02/01 23:48

    wow… advanced… gees… mine were normal and fun colored… sheesh

  2. 2006/02/02 00:01


  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/02/02 00:03

    they look like retainers…

  4. 2006/02/02 10:41

    Yea they kinda look like retainers
    if people ask if you got braces just say nope retainers or something and usually poeple these days don’t care if you got braces
    since everyone has em it could be a fad :P.

  5. 2006/02/02 19:26

    :yell: :dizzy:……..

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