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I cleared all the gunk out… Now I might try something else…


Having a dog is getting painful… and stressful.. Oh good, now he’s down, and chewing on his rope… I thought he didn’t like it…. Ah well. Who cares… ow… He’s back up and he’s shaking it back and forth and it’s whipping around bashing me across the shins…. *sigh*


Found a really nice one [?] that doesn’t work ’cause the [?] didn’t really post the proper html. or forgot to… or something else messed up….

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  1. 2006/01/22 22:29

    sorry, maybe I’ll have an interesting comment later

  2. 2006/01/23 01:15

    LOL it wasn’t insulting at all haha. sorry if I gave you that impression LOL. I just hope I didn’t scare you haha 😉

  3. 2006/01/23 20:08

    sorry, I already explained my reasons… and you deleted it!

  4. 2006/01/23 23:33

    Um… were you in Mr. Thomsen’s class last year?

  5. 2006/01/24 19:44

    but doggies are so cute… but yes I agree that sometimes doggies aren’t worth the effort…

  6. 2006/01/24 20:18

    doggies are always worth the effort! but anyways, X4 made a xanga, but she hasn’t written anything. so, help me yell at her to write something. it’s

  7. 2006/01/25 20:07

    bugging, done!

  8. 2006/01/25 22:29

    wtf man your dog must hate you 😛

  9. 2006/01/26 00:25

    He shoved the christmas tree up the angel’s butt…

  10. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/01/27 00:49

    *can’t think of something to say.. so… *nod and smile*

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