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  1. Addiction is when you want more of something.
  2. God is all one needs.
  3. Therefore, addiction is something trying to replace God but has fallen short, but has an enough hold to draw one back…*nnnoooooooooooooooooooo*

Mann it gets so annoying… Sometimes I think of something and I just want to tell fellow Christians about it but all they talk about is internet, games, and anime…

CHINESE PART OF SELF!! GET A GRIP!! *mental note* I don’t need to try to draw anime ’cause it’s not even really a chinese thing to do…”

Current favorite fantasy creature? An elf. why? LOTR has very cool elves. Who doesn’t want to have light feet and amazing eyesight? *sigh*

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  1. 2006/01/21 16:35

    Come back to youth group… I won’t be there tonight, but next week definitely!
    [Shock], I agree, people in orchestra really are prone to being arrogant. Dancers, singers, instrumentalists… but remember, even if you’re good at something, you shouldn’t rub it anyone’s face. I’m not saying you have, but it’s just a good thing to remember, because you are getting to be a great violinist and I don’t want people to get mad at you for your actions as opposed to your talent. If that made any sense.

  2. 2006/01/22 02:18

    I have talent??? o.O

  3. 2006/01/22 15:14

    yes, you do.
    The person I was referring to in my xanga was a guy I met randomly at the farmers market. his name’s sky.

  4. 2006/01/22 16:49

    *saw your comment on B6’s xangur* “I’m getting lightheaded ’cause I talked to her in the flesh… ˙ ˙; remind me not to meet people online..”
    was it a bad thing?? :O besides it’s not my fault we so happened to take taekwondo at the same dojo. >o> davis is a small world after all. ;D

  5. 2006/01/22 17:41

    LOL, anime…well… OK this is very racist but… maybe it’s just because the majority of japanese people at ajh dont like anime (and there’s not a lot of them), but mainly it’s the chinese people that are like drawing and reading and actually like anime… after that… it’s mainly the over obsessed americans… (OK, but I’m serious! there are some people that are over obsessed!!!) ><

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