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Square dancing and taekwondo


ROCKY  [image host down]   OPPOSSUM  [image host down] BEAR [image host down]


I think I’m just gonna shoot myself ˙ ˙;  Well, not really.  BUT STILL
They’re making us do this STUPID STUPID STUPID square dance that gives me a headache!!! Poor R3. I think she’s almost as bad off… MS. D ONE-A THESE DAYS- er dunno. BUT AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

I found out that Q4 used to do taekwondo in Taiwan… NOT FAIR She got to do way funner stuff like “sticks” and we only do gentle sparring, which means I won’t get to squash that AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

I think I’m gonna retake that weapons quiz on Quizilla……..


OK people laugh while you can!  (heh heh)

And D5 if you ever see this, I WILL check for updates!

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  1. 2006/01/19 01:04

    oh you didn’t know she did taekwondo before?
    hahahahhahh square dancing

  2. 2006/01/19 19:09

    aHAHAHAHA…. I pity you…
    I took taikwondo in taiwan too, and once I got beaten up VERY badly by another boy. he was a belt higher than me though, so it’s not my fault. oh yeah and the coach was the dad of the girl (well, actually she was 20-something) who won the gold medal in taikwondo in the olympics. he’s got a wall full of trophies… he used to tell stories of his “perfect” daughter. he said that one time during training she beat up a boy and kicked him all the way into the bathroom…

  3. 2006/01/19 20:27

    [Shock]… two words. anger management. and quizilla seems bad for you.

  4. 2006/01/20 00:16

    Hey, you go to A Junior High? Do you know Alex Judd? I’m his sister…
    : )

  5. 2006/01/20 01:01

    LOL aww [Shock] is mad
    well I know what will cheer her up *hands her air soft gun* you know what to do with it ^-~

  6. 2006/01/21 02:37

    I need practice remembering to aim properly……

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