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PE: dance again, and Rocky


M3, change your layout; I cannot for heaven’s sake read it.
Yesterday was OK.

Me and R3 pulled off a trick withoout the teachers noticing! [They did notice, though.] From my last entry, I was mad about the boy, right? So, I bribed R3 with a whole brownie instead of the
crumbs she’s used to begging for (since varsha pushed me so I didn’t extend the offer to her) and we decided to switch if I ended up next to him! so we did. On the other hand, I had to dance with this really disgusting kid named D2 2×. Either choice is bad.

Rocky is not a golden retriever. He looks like one but he is too savage. My mom will kill me, I swear, when she sees the state my sweater is in… I have fur all over my clothes and it’s also muddy, and urgh. great. I just crated Rocky ’cause he needs a major time-out. No way am I gonna let him walk all over me like he rules this house. Dammit He listens to my dad but I’m the one who spends the most time with him. I feel like swearing, except that it doesn’t make situations any better.


I just scanned the metro [part of xanga], did a bit of exploring, and got a shock. Now D3’s back, and I think I might have found an old friend!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh I think xanga is too freaky!!!!!

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  1. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/01/14 17:26

    LOL, your comments to yourself are cute, LOL D2×2 is his name??
    your dog sounds cute/scary! hope you don’t get in trouble with your clothes! and the sentence about the swearing is so true… yet I still like to swear from time to time just to let it out

  2. 2006/01/14 17:35

    * ˙ ˙U *
    I meant “2x” as in twice.

  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2006/01/14 18:07

    oooooo hahaaahaa I totally knew that…. LOL, ah man that’s funny

  4. 2006/01/14 23:21


  5. 2006/01/15 14:06

    LOL you know you hate him but whatever just suck it up
    a few more weeks of Dance and you are home free
    and your dog is owning you…. kinda scary though
    I feel sorry for you
    next time don’t buy a huge dog

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