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wow. Like everyone went hyper over the last layout and then like nobody liked this one. Eh?

H just like got back from Taiwan and posted a link to pictures and a million images and maannnnnn I am getting kinda jealous ’cause she went to Taiwan and visited her cousins on her other side and all that… Just for fun, I wish I could trace back the family tree as far as possible and then count down to my generation until I’ve got everyone in my family. That’s like really hard if you wanna do that though…. but if you track it like a website thing then it might fit…. *sigh* getting carried away

Anyways, my mom found out that her dad (not H’s grandpa, though, our grandpa was on my dad’s side) has like a brain tumor and she and my aunt are trying to arrange everything. The ideal situation is that he comes back to america and can use his insurance in Taiwan AND survives the operation. This is like a life or death thing so my mom wants to convert my grandpa to Christianity before he dies and so it is getting desperate. If he dies, my mom wants to send my grandma to be in a church (besides, she usedta be catholic) and my aunt just wants to place my grandma in like a low-income thing and my mom and I think that they can do both (if my grandpa dies) before my grandma kills herself (that’s very likely… she once took a cleaver and threatened to kill herself and my grandpa miraculously got her to calm down), but my aunt is like anti-Christianity so it’s all one big mess.


Why is it that I get too absorbed in stuff? I don’t think I’m REALLY gullible, but like I want to believe some stuff are real… kinda… That’s probably why when I watched LOTR, I ended up sad… It was too good then it just cut off…. *sigh*

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  1. [maybe W4?] permalink
    2006/01/07 20:37

    You haven’t been to YG for quite a while. Bible studies have been very different, and I think it is actually good this year. Yep, we do break down into small groups where each group take a couple different questions and verses, and then we go over the whole thing together. I do not agree with you that girls and boys split up. This is just not going to happen, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. Girls and boys should bond as well, and some people really need to get over their shyness around boys. yep.

  2. 2006/01/07 23:56

    cause gaara is madd cool

  3. 2006/01/08 17:10

    I like this layout

  4. 2006/01/08 21:10

    OMG, your grandpa??? were you really close to him?? My aunt died of cancer and my grandmother on my dad’s side died of a brain tumor, OMG, OMG, OMG I hope your grandpa is OK!
    I know it’s free, I just like making my own layouts.
    I hope your grandpa is okay!!!

  5. 2006/01/08 22:06

    sorry didn’t read the top hehe ^ ^;;; but!!! I was about to use this layout…. it looks nice :]

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