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I have been being such an idiot. ah well. All for the sake of willpower? Naw. ahck I’m still kinda stuck and I’ll always be… grrrrr. Why can’t I have the enviable gift of ignorant bliss and just be happy always? and have a good mindset always? Huh? Huh? Huh?


YAY I found my YP lesson plan!!! yippee!

that reminds me of D3, which reminds me what happened at R3’s b-day party… I asked M3 and J5 what chugale (however you spell it) and dijeli (however that is spelled) mean, and they said that they mean, “Do you want to die?” and “Do you wanna get beat up?”… so they’re basically the same thing… they were like glaring at me and J5 said “Who taught you like, bad words?” I was like… “er…” and they found out it was D3. The end.


I found my dad’s hymnal book! It’s special-er than the other people’s but it’s still the hymnal. Funny, the others seemed not only smaller but thicker… and still without the score my dad’s has.

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  1. 2005/12/31 19:40

    bleh. you aren’t an idiot, hairball! ^.^

  2. 2006/01/01 13:05

    LOL ignorant bliss
    [Shock] you’re so special =D
    actually I like the layout thanks so much!! a million hugs! LOL i can just see you suffocating >:] LOL JK have fun!!

  3. 2006/01/02 01:39

    IDK…. were that girl with the lil bro who eat a lot?
    ~shinobi </3

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