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Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood


watched “Troy” or… at least MOST of it…. I skipped a lot *gag*: missed stuff when I dragged Rocky outa the rain into his cage in the garage. It is soo scary to see a movie and, like, see the same person in another. When I saw Frodo in LOTR, I nearly flipped. [“flipped”: pun? ~~EVERYONE KNOOOWS THE KING OF THE SEEA~~]

It’s a real pity to see the same guy who starred as an elf star as someone like stupid Paris. feh, What a wuss.

And I am not some idiot fan girl. L3 is right about one thing. Fangirls are airheads.

It creeps me out to see I recognize via xanga… not really but still [? dunno what this is referring to]

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  1. 2005/12/30 16:10

    I hate eprops.

  2. 2005/12/30 16:55

    made a mental note to use less sarcasm… but you can’t blame me when my jet lag and my mom take turns keeping me awake 24/7.
    haven’t watched lord of the rings. how can you survive in this weather? and my parents are worried about the gas price, hence the problem with the heater. ack.
    Pretty xanga.

  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/12/30 18:15

    hahah you watched Troy? I haven’t seen it. But it is kind of weird to see Orlando Bloom in LOTR as Legolas, and then as Paris in Troy, but I think both characters use bow and arrow, so some similarity there. Man, thanks for changing the layout. The one that you had before, I could only see half of it. haha, and I couldn’t comment because the submit button is cut off! so yeah..anyways…LOTR is good.

  4. [maybe Y6?] permalink
    2005/12/31 01:34

    yea, I’m principal and I try to practice during lunch, LOL I feel bad for anyone who ever hears me though, I sound terrible.. LOL who are you?

  5. 2005/12/31 08:33

    LOTR is the best. paris was an interesting character.. but I think orlando played it well since he has good sex appeal. xD; and also probably because he’s the best actor who can wield a bow. ^^;

  6. 2005/12/31 10:23

    LOL OK…. I never watched troy but I guess now I’m not looking to watch that movie
    anyway…. isn’t it a little just a little late for a christmas background?? well anyway can you find something that is… I don’t know… you know me 😀

  7. 2005/12/31 16:09

    the interface is very difficult to use, I can’t read anything anyone else wrote.

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