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Wow There are so many fonts now*
This is kinda weird.

Do you spell “grey” or “gray”?

ack. Is Lord of the Rings supposed to be depressing? ‘Cause every time I get reminded, which is a lot of times, I get sad for like no reason, and telling myself it’s just a movie doesn’t help. It’s driving me INSANE.

Is everyone boycotting me?

*Originally used Script font.

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  1. 2005/12/29 15:08


  2. 2005/12/29 17:08

    wow.. big words

  3. 2005/12/29 19:43

    waaah… the pretty girl picture is gone… o_o;; don’t mind me.
    LOTR is depressing. It’s the fight of good and evil! And corruptness! And then you see Frodo scarred for life, basically.. but you should feel happy because the good guys triumphed. haha;.

  4. 2005/12/29 20:17

    gray… I think….depends which grey/gray I’m supposed to use… but I mostly use gray….
    I don’t think I’m boycotting you…

  5. 2005/12/30 00:30

    I like your old background better…

  6. 2005/12/30 05:03

    this interface is hard to use

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