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LOTR marathon and Yosemite


I went on a retreat

day one

Found out I’m sharing a bed with Hannah ’cause JJ [C] needs the other one so it’s in the guys’ room. Watched Star Wars 3 on R’s DVD player and started Lord of the Rings 1

day two

Finished Lord of the Rings 1, started 2.

day three

Finished 2, started 3

Went on a hike to a bridge. R slipped off one end and miraculously landed on his hands, and I rescued his water bottle. He got a bit wet from the fall and his palm was a bit scraped (not bleeding). I like died on the trip back.

day four

Finished 3

Got snowballed in the face two or three times by X6. I feel sorry for his teachers.

Climbed/walked up a stupid wall of rock just to find out it was sprinkling. rats. Had to help B down but woulda been faster if she had a bit more confidence in me.

went to Bridal Veil Falls Viewing Area… whew the restroom stench was all over the parking lot

Went to Yosemite Falls Viewing Area. My dad’s van has Church B’s symbol on the back and side (undecipherable to me but I know it means In Christ). A couple greeted my parents and R’s (they were riding in our car). maann. They have SIX kids. Five boys that look alike except for height and hairstyle, and a girl that seems to be about college age (adores animals, has like two dogs, cat?, chickens, and I think the rest like died). One of the boys was in the car with a laptop, drawing the area… pretty good. The boys were CREEPING me out because they all have the same wide-eyed innocent look. The eighth grader looks like he’s 10 because of that.

Lord of the Rings was soo sad. ^^; We were watching extended. R looked ready to pound me because I asked to many questions. I screamed when that retarded cave troll roared at Frodo. augh. We used headphones so I could just take them off for the first time Sauron’s eye appeared.

of the characters.

Frodo~strong but NOT the best character

Bilbo~ not very strong, not unlikable, but too shifty.

Sam~ goodhearted fellow

Smeagol~ didn’t like him but he is easy to feel sorry for

Pippin~ naive, clumsy, funny

Merry~ smarter than pippin, also funny however.

Gandalf~ wise, yes but not smart. crotchety a bit, so that’s good.

Aragorn~ too emotional, but smart

Arwyn~ At first I thought she was all right, but since she’s in most of the kissing scenes, I just don’t really like her.

Elrond~ scary-ish but good, strong, wise

Legolas~ bit pert, but fierce fighter. He always falls for Gimli’s baiting, but it’s funny.

Gimli~ gruff, funny, adores friendly competition, blunt

Eowyn~ good fighter, bit of a headstrong idiot, but very admirable

I think that’s all. pretty much. augh I am freezing.

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  1. 2005/12/28 01:07

    heehee. Watching all 3 in a row. ^_^
    I remember when I first watched it I loved Gimli. I like Frodo too, but my dad hates him. XP I know what you mean about Arwen.

  2. 2005/12/28 11:46

    not your usual type of profile pic, is it?
    where did you get this xanga?

  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/12/28 16:19

    hahaha JJ you’re stupid. she means C. his nickname is JJ too. LOL
    *gasp* you went on a retreattttt ooo where where?!! was it truckee?????? how come I didn’t know about this?!? OMG WTFudgerrssssss

  4. 2005/12/28 20:08

    ya ummm santa claus….. I know he’s fake, I’ve known since 3. it’s called being sarcastic. and your name…. I’m actually SORRY about that. I truly feel bad about that, but than again, how many times have we really talked face to face…. now of those times we did talk, how many times did you somehow insult or criticize me……???

  5. 2005/12/29 01:14

    Hi! I love Sam very much. Your retreat sounds pretty cool. Ne’er done one before. : )

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