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ww2 history


I am getting history lessons. It’s really confusing

Japan was bad (so far so good); US is covering for Japan and treats its enemy (Japan) better than its allies (Philippines and China); on the other hand, China isn’t so great either because of a Christianity thing. Communist bah.

So first US is the victim, then China is the victim, then Christians are the victims so it’s sour all over? YAAAARRRRRRGHGHAGHAAAHAGHGHGHGHGHHG

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  1. 2005/12/28 22:09

    and then everyone rode off into the sparkly sunset on the beautiful white unicorns while a big rainbow spread out over the sky and lived happily ever after.
    isn’t history fun?

  2. 2005/12/28 22:10

    China is the US’s ally?

  3. 2005/12/28 22:17

    o_O That’s confuzzling.

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