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profile pic


yahaha I enlarged the profile pic *cough* original *cough*.


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  1. 2005/12/21 15:10

    there we go–different browser. yeah the 4th harry potter has been out for more than a month now. thus it being 4 dollars
    how are you?

  2. 2005/12/21 20:54

    um yeah one major US history project that’s like.. due in march. o_o;

  3. 2005/12/21 20:54

    BTW why is your user pic like a karate person.. do you do karate or something?

  4. 2005/12/21 21:23

    LOL, I was wondering what your profile pic as all the time. I thought it was a person sitting on the moon or something ’cause it was so. LOL, yes my old stuff was in german, but then I couldn’t translate stuff I actually wanted to write, so I wrote stuff in english.

  5. 2005/12/22 19:19

    yeah sorry I pressed it 2 times. =_=;; you take taekwondo? me too! at martial arts centr a?? if so, I might have seen you a number of times.. I’m a red belt. 😀 ❤ is a sideways heart BTW, not a face. LOL

  6. 2005/12/26 21:34

    Shock!! how do I change my profile pic o-O!!

  7. 2005/12/27 18:19

    eee just got back, what’s with your cbox? it won’t let me type anything!

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