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Re: “baby angel”


Oh please. Does anyone honestly think that I care about self- image?  If I truly do, then why do I affront EVERYBODY?  No one’s THAT dumb. I think.

Absolutely, I call myself a Christian.

You say that you are not perfect? Weell then, my dear girl, I am not, either, IN CASE YOU THINK THAT I THINK THAT I AM.

Never given anyone a chance to know me… well, maybe you are blind? I suppose you automatically delete all my comments now, eh?

And I most certainly am not getting on anyone’s case right now, with the exception that I’m desperate enough to talk to you guys. I used to be friends with a couple, you know. Just a few, however… then my bright and happy outlook was very much soured with disappointment. I never show my face at youth group, and no one dares to talk to me, for fear… that I am still but a child with no control? I am suppressing… what I call my will. You go to youth group to learn, to prophesy. By all means do so. Although I won’t be there to ‘admit I’m wrong’.


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