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fiddling with layout


Weell, can’t really see this too well on mozilla but whatever. Thought it was nice, though.

augh Found this thing on my site saying “my subscribers” but there are 2 people whom I don’t even know.

uhh My thing is off center now. Drat. Help?

Playing: Lord How Long

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  1. 2005/12/20 18:54

    😛 it looks fine on my comp
    use IE

  2. 2005/12/20 20:43

    Your layout is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. Main image is wheeeeeeeeeeee. 😀

  3. 2005/12/20 22:33

    hey why is it your screen is moved over so that I can read maybe half of each entry? this is kind of tough… cool background, though.

  4. 2005/12/21 00:37

    nice layout =)

  5. 2005/12/21 03:37

    wow nice layout.. only it’s kinda.. messed up on some pages. LOL. um yeah Emmi’s a twin. how do you know her? yeah about hope.. long story hahaha acting japanese??? xD yeah they sort of look asian 8D; never looked at it that way and yep that’s Sarah Ghafari. emo kid. haha

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