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I’m gonna post this before I forget it, and if you can hear the background music, it’s the tune to the song*…

*once I was bound by sin’s galling fetters
the triune god a mystery
the love of christ is now constraining me
what made you die for me
wherever you go, i will go (ruth)
what about my sinful past
god is love

(unfinished… gr)

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  1. 2005/12/19 23:07

    I don’t understand you.. you are constantly picking on everyone and everything.. instead of trying to make yourself seem better by saying all that crap.. why don’t you look at the good for once.. you call yourself a Christian.. how can you say that when you carry so much hatred.. do things I do or my friends do really affect you? when for one you haven’t even given any of us a chance to get to know you.. I personally find that ridiculous.. so stop getting on everyone’s cases.. please..

    • ʃ.ɑ.k permalink*
      2014/01/10 12:37

      Honestly, this comment still annoys me, even now. It’s a contradictory idea that I would ‘get on their cases’ if I were in it to ‘make myself seem better.’ What good did they ever show me? The smiles, the ‘Hi’s, the small talk? Most people can do that regardless of how good they are. True, I was wrong to be so impatient, but if I didn’t act on how I felt, it would have meant that I considered them absolutely worthless. Smiling at them while hiding what I really thought would have been the true bitch move.

  2. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/12/19 23:19

    awesome ness x)

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