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I hafta go to the Mondavi for this Mexican thing later. NOOOO I’M GONNA MISS TAEKWONDO but my dad will go.. There’s another kid “Nathan” or something like that…. what a blockhead.  He looks at me like I’m an instructor.  uhh Do I look like a teacher to you?  He does his form and goes, “Like that?” and I’m like, “weelll…. OK I guess,” thinking, *God, please give this guy a clue… as in, he’s got it but he sucks?* I hate idiots. and he’s all chatting, “so I was like changing this chandelier and I got this burn and it swung and hit the wall…” or something like that… (In my head? *eh heh heh heh…NOT. does this look like a “chatroom” to you?*)

–EDIT (12/9)–

yahoo! Yesterday, I did taekwondo at Martial Arts Centr A’s rite? Anyways, they pulled out the punching bag things to practice round kicks so I just did to the thing what I WANT to do to certain people *cough* enemy (don’t ask why) *cough* ANYWAYS Ms. Wong said that I improved on “strength”. I was like *whoopee, meanwhile I’m ready to pass out too* and she told me and the idiot Nathan to work with a new kid, Timothy.  I got very mad at Nathan for trying to take over and then when we did our form, she said I improved (unusual for girls *heads up, wusses*) and THEN she told Nathan to work on HIS strength. He’s all like, “Wait for sparring!” and I’m like “you wanna bet?” Too bad we couldn’t do a REAL match for sparring, ’cause I would take it out on him, and he would end up out cold on the floor. meh.

The dumbest mistake girls make nowadays is they think it’s so great to date somebody. They should treat guys like their brothers instead of fooling around and getting in trouble. *sigh* I’m starting to figure out what’s wrong with young people, and it just gets sadder how they just honestly don’t understand.

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  1. 2005/12/06 21:30

    I wanta go to your house sometime… to see the dog. how do you feed the rabbit widget?

  2. 2005/12/07 23:37

    heh aite whatever
    next time I’ll just egg their houses
    I know where they all live anyways
    thank you school directory ^-^

  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/12/12 00:41

    ^^;; heyy …. nice layout.. but one thing… lose like 3 of the animals.. it seems a bit crowded up there… like a zoo…. @_@
    have a nice winter break =]

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