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Guys are obnoxious


Rocky just threw up ALL  of his dog food. grooossss. Anyways, the whole place smells like his dog food and “puke”.  sooo now I’m gonna be sick. uuugggghhh. I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT

me: “Mom, it smells like dog waste.”
Mom: “It smells fine.”
me: “But he barely ate any yesterday!”
Mom: “Well, he’s eaten now…”

And I can’t let him walk all over the place because he’ll eat it and throw up again. I mean, the dog food smells bad enough without all that gunk.

There’s a couple guys that walk a dog, second time I’ve seen them now… rrrgh. I didn’t like them yesterday, from what I overheard them saying about me.
Them: “He wont bite”
me: *glare* (thinking, “These guys really don’t have a clue”)
Then they said to each other something about big houses and all in black..
My conclusion? They think I’m a stuck-up rich girl bedecked in black that’s scared of dogs.

This stupid boy (I think he’s in seventh grade) blocked me during lunch when I was trying to go to my next class. He was just prancing around, staring at me and not getting out of the way. I told him to move a million times, so when he didn’t, I threw a punch. He got out of the way, but I know I had contact. I think he’s gonna come back for more, and I know that means I need to practice what I’m gonna do if that happens again.

See why I really don’t like guys, especially when they prove themselves obnoxious? *hisses*

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  1. 2005/11/30 20:28

    …aww … poor you…. and Rocky,…. and poor boy that got in your way and if he gets in your way again….
    I feel really sorry for him especially if he gets in your way again….

  2. 2005/11/30 20:28

    hey! how come you didn’t name an animal after me!

  3. 2005/12/01 01:38

    nice… punch… I gave one to an obnoxious 7th grade boy too… that was because he was saying into my ear, “Hey, I think you’re very pretty…” and then he touched me and I was disgusted and I slapped him. I’m hypersensitive…

  4. probably M3 permalink
    2005/12/01 19:19

    dude you punched the guy?! What the heck didja learn last year?

  5. 2005/12/01 20:36

    thank you so much! mr. cinnabun would have been so happy to be remembered by you!

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