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5 things


5 things you did yesterday

  • visited xanga
  • geometry HW
  • had a violin lesson (*sigh* even during holidays)
  • tried to read “xiao hen li” (in English, Little Henry)
  • read Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott

5 memorable things you did last year

  • sixth grade conference (*ee!*)
  • graduated from 6th grade (*groan*)
  • ATS: I took Zoology and Public Speaking.  Let’s just say I got past PS with a C-.  Anyways, N2 and I had to put up with a jerk named Lyman that ended up going to the same school as me. argh. but I ran into M2 and saw R6’s friend from the sixth grade conference.
  • went to Butchart Gardens in Canada (I think or was that the year before?) and my dad got a troublemaker who was messing with a walkie-talkie and bothering us.  I’d like to have been there, but that would have been impossible, ’cause my dad caught him at the “men”‘s bathroom.
  • started seventh grade as a bright-eyed and chatty girl, then became a withdrawn, sour, observant, wrathful girl.  made a few friends.  learned to read people and to decide who’d make a good friend.

5 favorite musicians/musical groups & song

  • ABBA
  • most classical stuff
  • something my dad has on a CD
  • some random Chinese stuff my dad has on CDs
  • church songs. whee

5 things that make you happy

  • drawing
  • saying hi to somegirl that’s a nice girl whom I rarely see
  • astonishing people
  • yelling at something, be it a brick wall or a mealworm beetle (^^ remember, M3?)
  • dogs. the large, soft-ish types like huskies especially

5 things that impress you

  • love for the Lord.. (same here)
  • modesty and being moral (yeah totally same here)
  • wit.. haha (kinda “same here”)
  • personality… I have a judgmental personality.
  • someone who stands up when they go too far (Last Friday, there was a girl that tried to slug someone messing around with her seventh grade friend. I totally know what she’s doing, and she’s just too open to conceal, like I spent last year learning.)

5 things that don’t impress you

  • don’t like basketball people on the whole
  • don’t like prissy preps
    strolling around trying to be cool by thinking that she’s close friends
    with older people.
  • don’t like “friends” that becomes friend to my other friends and excluding me. Even though they can’t help it, it really doesn’t help. Trust me, I’ve been ditched a million times. I know how it goes. Don’t anyone try to deceive me.
  • weaklings
  • people that strive to be  cool too much.  They might get friends, but they will die of it. Not actually always, but they are killing themselves in a way.

5 people I’m tagging to do this survey

  • you, you, you, you & you (by H)

Before I forget: favorite quote from Shaolin Sisters (yeah I’m getting annoying but I want this in writing) is by Julin’s mom after being creamed by Ryu, “I won’t lose!… Your power… I want your power!” Yeah, really lame, but if you saw the actual pictures, it would have a better effect.
Ah babysitting Hannah to-morrow.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    2005/11/22 19:47

    Sorry if my xanga overlaps… it does it on mine to, but only when I use mozilla firefox… xP
    Oh I’m still working on all the links… because AP has sucking the life out of me.. most likely during break 😀
    And there’s layouts all over the web.. just type in ‘xanga layouts’ on google or some search engine… xD

  2. 2005/11/23 09:15

    Hi [Shock]! and I don’t like being called a dumbutt and I’m sure no one else does either… LOL and I don’t know which quiz I get my awesome pics from! I don’t have that kind of memory!!! But it is absolutely overly awesome no?
    ooooh you have the chat box thingy on your xanga!! I commented as Chucklina (refer to the Cbox) ^ ^ and is that your survey or is that someone else’s that you are commenting on?
    Wow this is an extremely long comment which I suppose is not even on topic but whatever….

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