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Church B, wounds



Conferences are so cool. enjoyable. I didn’t really mind sitting in the same seat for so long, for once. That’s one of my problems; I’m hyperactive, but when I need to be energetic (cough PE cough), I shut down and get all chilly, or else I get on someone’s case. not good.

But alliance redwood is freezing. If I had an enormous sweatshirt like my Church A YG one, I’d have been 20× warmer.

Look up “Praise the Lord, the God of Glory” argh.
There was one song that I just forgot the tune. and the lyrics. so blah. I hate it when I forget songs. It’s very degrading*.

And Today I went to City A for the meeting at H’s house. I think someone brought some sort of clear airsoft gun or something like that, and used R6’s too (and they look alike too). It’s kind of funny ’cause I was watching a couple of kids aim at targets in that tiny upstairs area and one bounced off somewhere and hit me in the earlobe. I was like “Wha-!” then “Ohh” (blink) “K…”

For the wounds update, I have a mark on my right wrist because Rocky obviously loves the basketball a lot more than I do, and another one running along (according to the skeleton things in school)  my “metacarpal” extending from the “back” of my right thumb that is assumably from Rocky, but I’m not sure.  My leg got scraped up ’cause in PE, we have to do basketball outside, basketball makes me mad, and when I’m mad, I’m in a fighting mood. I am not exactly aggressive but I hate “can’t touch me” rule things. Put 2 and 2 together, and you have a collision. Q3 was like going after the person, and I was kinda thrown off balance. Why can’t I fall properly, like a normal human being? Why do I always do one of those skidding things where you collide then bounce off half flying, half skidding? Anyways, my knee got scraped up. 3 different bleedings in a week. Record.


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  1. 2005/11/20 09:44

    LOL dang, I saw you last night… and that was the first time in a LOOOONG time.. and WOOW you’ve grown sooo much x] hehehe

  2. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/11/20 18:23

    most conferences are cool 😀

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