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I’m being weird

I drew some slightly negative stuff with not too much hint from Shaolin Sisters. huzzah.

augh Trying to practice this html thing. Yeah I am sooooooooo out of practice. I forgot how to do this font thing, so I’m rereading the textbook. kinda.

I try not to seem selfish or like I’m ‘butting in’ but when I feel left out, I feel like just asking, but I fear it’s rude. Yah I know I’m such a wimp.

(out of nowhere) “I call his name LORD JESUS help me in my weakness so faithfully each day in me he proves his life is so sufficient…… nothing’s quite so precious” Does xanga have a jinx? ‘Cause ever since I typed that song, it has been stuck in my head. lalalalalalalllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cousins, see ya on Fri. Hopefully by the time it starts. Conference. Whutever.

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  1. 2005/11/10 21:19

    you’re going to Alliance? Yay :]

  2. 2005/11/11 01:12

    I think xanga does have a jinx… ever since I looked at G6’s hot chocolate xanga… I have the urge to drink hot chocolate all the time….

  3. 2005/11/11 14:09

    well if you’re not a chika…… what are you??????????????????????????????????????????

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