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Shaolin Sisters


Like my pic of Kalin?

Ji is short for Julini, Julini is a bird that belongs to Juline/Julin, and Julin’s 2nd eldest sis is Kalin, the one in my profile pic. There’s no other pic like it on the internet, with a single person in a picture*. There’s only one other pic that isn’t a book cover, and it’s of all 3 sisters. Their moms are sisters, and they share a dad. Their moms got split up to protect the bells that unlock the thingy that’s trapped a bunch of evil things (ancients). Seilin’s mom got the bell that looks like it has a duck’s foot carved into it (water), Kalin’s mom had the one with wings (wind), and Julin’s mom handed the bell with a tiger claw to Julin’s future master, Yoh, to keep for Julin until she was old enough. Seilin got the bell when her mom was dying on the pirate ship they lived on, I dunno bout Kalin, and Julin got hers as a birthday present from Yoh.

Then Yoh was killed by Bai Wang (her bare hands). As he died (of blood loss), he told of her sisters, and she found Kalin in a marketplace, fighting off White Lotus people (Bai Wang’s troops), and they stayed overnight. Kalin’s pet is a bunny named Hina. Then caught a spy, Iga, of Bai Wang’s. Iga near killed Kalin (I’ll bet he regretted that) and instead, Julin came to the rescue. Julin versus Iga brought it to a draw, and the next day they set off for Seilin. Arriving on the back of her pet sailfish, Seilin didn’t believe them to be her sisters, so Kalin and Seilin matched off.

Seilin also near killed Kalin, but, as usual, Julin to the rescue. Julin (stone fist) and Seilin (wind walking) also matched off until Bai Wang showed up, made fun of Julin while fighting her, and Drake showed up to steal the bells. Drake got the bells, Bai Wang used her True stone fist to get Julin’s back, and their fight destroyed the pirate ship.

[*I deleted the photo I had and haven’t been able to find it on the internet since.]

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  1. 2005/11/05 21:46

    … the story is sorta hard to follow…
    …. why would Seilin nearly kill Kalin…?

  2. 2005/11/06 02:04

    Julin’s master isn’t Ryu. it was Yoh or something like that. Ryu’s their dad, remember???

  3. 2005/11/06 11:38


  4. 2005/11/06 13:34

    heh COOL!!

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