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The section leader is lame


My dog is learning a hit and run technique that doesn’t let him hit, but doesn’t let me make him stop. I have an injured right hand that is pretty much healed already. but there are slight marks

I am so pissed off about the section leader. He has no spirit at all.  Nothing I do will provoke him to be an effective leader. He may be good at violin, but he makes for a weak teacher. He is like a tape recorder. He says what Mr. B says, but he doesn’t do anything to enforce efficiency. As a result, I’m CONSTANTLY gettin lost.

I wish that this thing had more fonts. yeargh. I’ve totally forgotten everything I learned in web design.

The comment boxes aren’t working.

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  1. 2005/11/03 21:11

    how many fonts do you need??

  2. 2005/11/03 21:29

    I like my section leader. she drilled us for egmont overture today. my arms were sore.

  3. 2005/11/03 23:26

    LOL sucks and if you need me to knock some sense into W6 just holla and I’ll be over there!
    and hah that’s why I got a cat that doesn’t bite or scratch me because I treat it with respect
    and ooo nice avatar
    so cool
    I like it

  4. Anonymous permalink
    2005/11/03 23:40

    oh no! is OK [Shock]… LOL hope your hand feels better o.O
    anyways bout W6… he’s pretty cool
    at least he’s good at playing right? almost all that matters..
    LOL soo funny… sorry laughing at what A4 wrote!!~ OK don’t hurt me

  5. 2005/11/04 19:44

    well, W6’s still is a good violinist. true, I got lost a lot too. you an B5 have the same prof pic, did you know that?
    we WARNED you about gold labs, and since you have one it must be sooooooo cute and you should be happy you got it!

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