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Pet names


Here’s a verse from a Christian song!

How vain a toy is glittering wealth,
If once compared to thee!
Or what’s my  safety, or my health
Or all my friends to me.

(line 1,2) It’s true. What’s the point in being “rich” when someone else actually NEEDS the money?
(line 3) Well, Jesus laid down his life for the world, so why can’t we do as much for him?
(line 4) The only constant friend is Jesus. All others may pass away, ditch you, or change on you, but He will remain true through it all. What more can you ask?

BTW, did you know M2 (lilugrl00) got a new toy poodle? He’s named Mocca. We have weirdest pet names in my family;
Xiao Hei
….What next?

How is it that my dog is either doggedly trying to slash my throat open or else meekly curled at my feet, half asleep? (annoyed) and somehow his rubber ball disappeared. I think I should call him Big Foot. It’s so easy to step on his foot on accident; every time I try to take him on a walk, I freak.

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  1. 2005/10/31 15:38

    I know people who WENT to Holmes… they’d be in 11th graders now

  2. 2005/11/01 06:19

    it’s the flash from the camera, ’cause I was taking the picture in front of the mirror… it was completely accidental!!!!

  3. 2005/11/01 10:34

    I have a friend with a dog named Mocha.. lol. Your dog likes to gnaw on stuff, heheh.

  4. 2005/11/02 00:51

    hmmmmm……. interestin…… anyway, I hope your dog starts acting better…… I wish I could see him! (My laptops bein EVIL!!!) ><

  5. 2005/11/02 01:04

    is it actually _mocha? like, the dog’s name is underscore mocha? like, here underscore mocha, here underscore! come on underscore!

  6. 2005/11/02 01:04

    awwwwwwww, meekly curled! how cute!

  7. 2005/11/02 22:45

    mocha sounds like a cute name for a poodle. well, I hope your dog behaves better (and that you don’t step on his feet)!

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