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Believe it or not, these are my dreams, and some are VERY unrealistic.
ranked by likelihood

1. be a better Christian
2. get straight A’s
3. become a vet
4. Go to that academy in China that does extreme martial arts and actually learn something

yeah… I have trouble balancing. The first 3 go hand in hand but the last one is almost impossible, especially if I wanna do the others.

wow. I’m just sitting here typing and there’s a bored dog curled up at my feet. I dunno if we should let him near computers, but I guess he doesn’t do too much damage asleep. Why is it he never seems to be asleep, or else wakes up really fast? Hopefully, he’s not an insomniac like me. (sigh)

i was talking to U6, who co-leads the Church B YG, on the phone. She’s gonna call once a week for a few minutes and the plan is that we’ll read something from the lesson plan, she’ll just tell me about it a bit, and then pray. It felt so weird to pray on the phone. but it felt as if we were in the meeting, only on a smaller scale. which was true. and then she just trusted me to pray myself after we hung up, so I did. yay. I’m so trustworthy.

Dear Lord
We want to know You
We want to seek You
Let us… be active, not passive, and let us seek you on our own instead of by our parent’s will.

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  1. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/10/28 03:18

    you like my profile pic? Thanks!

  2. 2005/10/29 12:28

    LOL I think you can do the first three just not the last one

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