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Throat hoarse from yelling

(sigh) I don’t get it. Rocky was such an angel last time. Today I have marks all over my arm. I’m afraid for the slippers my mom wants me to wear all over the house… Oh, he’s an angel again. but he was like literally trying to eat me alive. Now he’s trying to tear the fuzz off my stupid slippers. Yeeah.

WHOA. He.. ah.. eh… wow. K I just don’t understand him. Like half an hour ago, part of my hand was swollen from the parts he bit, then red but not swollen, now no mark left.

That is the most dogged dog when it comes to attacking me. Even the bones can’t hold his attention like my limbs can. The only way to get him to stop is to step on his foot, but I don’t like doing that. Is he mentally ill?

Oh gross. My arm’s swelling up.

One second a demon, the next a puppy, the next an angel. What kind of insanity is this?


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  1. 2005/10/29 01:57

    oopss .. sorry I accidentally deleted your comment .. you should retype it .. aha =P

  2. 2005/10/29 12:44

    but rocky must be soooooooooooooo cute! I wanna see him!

  3. 2005/10/29 16:54

    yeah, go ahead. you can copy and paste those chapel notes if you want them. unless you want the word document, I can email that to you. just let me know =)

  4. 2005/10/30 19:18

    well I hope your throat feels better and that rocky will try and practice to be an angel all the time! agh, I haven’t seen rocky yet!!!

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