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C Junior High


yayx I’m baking cookies for Jia Mei

It’s weird. A bunch of C Junior High’s students got off the bus (noo my bus stop), spread out, and started messing around with skateboards and stuff. It ALMOST makes me jealous, but I realize I’m not lonely at all, just wondering who on earth they are, besides C Junior High students. and in comparison, A Junior High people seriously are usually nerds. Wow. Who knows what those people are like… so would I really want to know them?

aaaahhhh S6’s email doesn’t work, her xanga doesn’t work… aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

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  1. 2005/10/21 23:22

    haha… compared to A Junior High, B Junior High people are probably what you would call “preps”…

  2. 2005/10/22 13:05

    you never know… I know a buncha C Junior High goers and they’re really nice. you would probably like them too if you met them!

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