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The sunset was awesome… like the clouds were on fire, and everything else looked to me like they were on fire, like the sky was copper on fire, there was that thing that gets that wild dark red that is soo weird, and the sky had the coolest color “graduation”.

They have freakin 3 computers in this room… It used to be a sort of game room…Wah What happened to the air bed.

bleargh Tomorrow I have to go with O to her chinese school. Heaven help me.

An interesting thingy I learned from the other YG is that humans are supposed to be higher than angels. I guess that’s why we have guardian angels. We’re so weak, so we use them to protect us… supposedly.

“I weep for my country when I remember God is just”
~Thomas Jefferson

I just felt like posting that. K  SHIKES WHAT TIME IS IT?! aahaahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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  1. 2005/10/15 15:12

    right now….for me it’s 12:12…..yeah….

  2. 2005/10/15 17:05

    you don’t have a clock? what air bed?

  3. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/10/16 01:23

    How’s O’s house so far??

  4. 2005/10/16 02:05

    is college really a good time to date? don’t most people get less responsible in college? besides, the whole thing is happening at all ages, not just yours/mine/ours. I never said I was considering it seriously. it was just bopping round my head and my xanga is an outlet for my ideas so I can look and laugh at them when I grow more mature.

  5. 2005/10/16 16:47

    what crude language? “chick flick” isn’t crude. it’s just a category made by guys about movies that make money only because there are girls to see it. it’s a flick for girls. and chick flick rhymes.

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