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Orchestra problems


yeargh! T6 is driving me crazy. She complains of my violin getting in her face. but when I get it out (and I always do), I can’t see the music except in the corner of my eye. I don’t trust Mr. B as a teacher anymore.

  1. He picked a pathetic excuse for a section leader in the second violin and viola sections.
  2. He picked stand partners that can’t stand each other. It won’t help his darling sound a bit.
  3. He does not realize that N2 cannot get back my mute without his data.

I was so overwhelmed by all this unreasonableness coming from a single teacher that I screeched my frustration to the geometry early-birds.

G6B5OJennyM2, and H are not updating.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    2005/10/13 23:59

    I updated!! I updated!! SOrry… xDD Aww.. well hope to see you soon 😀

  2. 2005/10/14 01:00

    aww. poor you. I hope your violin issues get solved. yeah, flutes sorta have to deal with the same thing to, except we can put our flute behind or in front of the chair we sit in. yeah.

  3. 2005/10/14 19:31

    As if I have time to update as often as you do. if I do, I’ll end up writing one sentence updates like B5. Hey, how do you get your c-box to the right of your updates?
    K4 is a good stand partner
    AARGH the stupid library keyboard is driving me craaaaaaaaazy!

  4. 2005/10/14 22:30

    I so updated!! oh and thank you [Shock]!! my xanga looks so cool!! thank you!! I love profile pics!! ^.^ I’m so hyper!!

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