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Dad being bossy


My parents like ripped into me for having a “incomplete”. It’s the signed handbook at the end of the planner. and it’s 100 or 0.  The progress report was from Ms. Reeve. My 3rd period teacher does PE. Somehow my dad has a hard time believing this, and the class average was about 73%. He’s still talking about how some people must have gotten an A or B or C and I got an incomplete. and a couple of other people. It’s like um, hello? What don’t you get about a grade completely dependent on a single signature? There are no Bs or Cs. He just doesn’t trust me. and what does she care for the third period teachers? i don’t think she corresponds with them to check if I really turned it in or not, but that’s my mom’s theory, along with “are you sure you put your name on it?” ARRRRRRRRGH. Sorta my fault, but of course I have to play a blockhead who’ll never learn like my dad says I am.

that font isn’t very good.

My dad is also tipping with tae kwon do. “Put your fists higher” “Just a kick by itself is very weak…” (no wonder everyone at school was scared of me) “… use your hips and twist a bit, and it’s more effective” “Hold your fist like this…” (You told me that Loooooooong time ago, when I was trying kung-fu… need I say that I hated it?) “… ’cause if you hold it like this, or this, it injures yourself.” “Keep the outside of your arm flat…” (in Chinese, so it’d make more sense) “… unless your instructor tells you otherwise”
The reason I’m so uncomfortable with martial arts classes is because my dad is always telling me tips as though I was doing horribly (Do I really need to be reminded?), ’cause he and my mom used to take tae kwon do…. They obviously quit by now, but my dad doesn’t forget easily. N2 took it in taiwan. It sounds tougher, but I’m curious. Oh well. Got a stupid stripe for kicking combination. My dad was still coaching when we got home. Is this torture?

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  1. 2005/10/12 21:00

    hahaha, calm down you young’un. tae kwon do sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could’ve learned martial arts, but my mother wouldn’t let me. too violent she said, but that’s okay. yes, I curled and dyed my hair, hehehe. and sociology is a branch of science that studies humans in a social context, usually within their cultural societies. it’s a bit like psychology, where you study the behavior of people, but sociology is behavior of people in a social context. it’s fun. you should take it when you’re in college 🙂

  2. 2005/10/12 23:00

    wow, you do tae kwon do? I always wanted to do that! but I’ve never really had time too…I had a little practice freestyle fighting though… heh heh… Mrs. Reeve, no offense, isn’t the best teacher in the world… yeah… I believe you when you say the class average is a C…. just wait until you get into Ms. J’s class… I think it’s also sorta like that…. except the average might be a C-… yeah…. I hope you improve your english.

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