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School days


[link to book here]
Good book… not done reading!

I have an orchestra practice at 5:30 with the other girls at J5’s house. M3 said she lives near D5. 2424 something.

In PE, we got to mess around with lacrosse sticks, and G6, R3, U4, V4, and I were just trying to play monkey in the middle, only we lost the monkeys, so we just started fighting over ball thing. One went right past me and R3 tried to scoop it up, only her stick got stuck, and when she pulled it up, it snapped me very neatly in the eye. No harm done, “’tis but a scratch” and it’s really hard to notice. It didn’t even bleed that much.

This weird guy that’s in my geometry class and that takes the bus also gets off at my stop. Last year, C4 was in my Spanish class, took the bus, and got off at my stop, too. and both people go in the same direction from the bus stop. Is this messed up* or what? Anyway, yeah, since there’s no one else to talk to, I talk at him, and if I say something about ninth, tenth, and up graders, he like explodes ’cause it’s all older people.

[*a crazy coincidence]

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  1. 2005/10/07 20:22

    yay violin with friends = ^___^ are you in a chamber group?

  2. 2005/10/08 02:47

    U4? U4???? Tell me her last name!!!

  3. 2005/10/08 23:22

    hey… I’m bored. and I have brain freeze, so I can’t think of anything to comment.

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