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First off, me and M2 did a gift exchange then we watched the dog
then we watched “bewitched” while having potstickers
then we went outside and messed around with the basketball hoop.
and now the dog is watching me.

Then I got shipped off to Q4’s house for the meeting. All the high school people (AKA all the guys) were talking about high school teachers and the rest of us just sorta joined in. The meeting was about connecting the flood (Noah’s ark) to baptism. We’re studying Noah

When we were done, R4 locked us out of his car and drove off, leaving us to go back to Q4’s house. I was hyper, Ray was accusing me of being too hyper, and so was D3, and B3 just reasoned that R4 was gonna come back for us.

Once back in the car, we were at the peak of hyperness so R4 made a million ‘seat belt checks’ (swerving the car repeatedly), we were all
laughing, then all of a sudden I screamed accidentally on purpose in D3’s ear, so she squished me, then after Ray told about a traffic jam where authorities were checking seat belts and the brothers had to pretend that they had seat belts that worked, and then D3 told us
about how a car she was in ran over  racing squirrels and then R4 went over one of the lane thingies just to make D3 go hysterical. not like we weren’t already!

And I came home and took a shower. and now I’m on my xanga. I had a few songs, see what first lines I remember:

lord, keep my heart

jesus, living word

dearest lord, you’ve called us here

what made you, lord

captivated by his beauty

They’re all pretty songs.

Yeah… we now have like half of M2’s preppy stuff to hand to Hannah, and I’m just going “.. uhh thanks?” but yeargh Am I supposed to show up in public like this?

For some reason, I was really overstuffed today and couldn’t fit in anything from the meeting potluck. Two potlucks in a day do not fit. argh. yeargh.

I made a sketch at the BBQ last week and I titled it “(not a) child at heart”. It looks like a depressed little kid. Y and X said that she
looks like some random guy from Kodocha. Umm hello? This is a chibi girl with a half ponytail..

Today, I made a girl with cat ears. AND I WAS PAYING ATTENTION AT THE SAME TIME SO DON’T NAG!!!

Saturday should be called hyperday. or puppyday. or kumonday. or daybeforechurchday. and sunday should be churchday. or daybeforeschoolday. or schoolkidsnightmareday. or panicday.

and B6 it isn’t my church and it isn’t D3’s. It’s just where we went for YG.

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  1. 2005/10/02 02:36

    um, how could I have listened? you didn’t say anything and I don’t go to YG events very often.

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