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Church B YG


Great. I have a combination between Dearest Lord You’ve Called Us Here and Captivated By His Beauty stuck in my head until I can’t tell the diff….

If you’ll be so kind as to read the last post, I actually managed to remember what they were talkin about. and if I don’t pay a certain amount of attention, it’s called public humiliation. Man, I am so glad R4 didn’t do seat belt checks with the van. There are like boxes of books on the van, so if he did that I’d like get squashed and bruised. Instead, in the small car, D3 squishes me which isn’t half so bad ’cause I’m bigger than her. hehe. but I think it’s obvious who’s older. Well, it is sort of D3’s meeting hall, but she’s also new.

GUESS WHAT? They’re gonna make a copy of the lesson book for me! I feel so special… that means I have to start remembering stuff though… not too bad….

I have an allergy to grass which is like hit and run… It itches like crazy for 10 minutes then disappears….

Tug of war is fun, but I keep feeling like I wasn’t pulling hard enough.. so who did we lose against? I forget. It like took up 0 energy ’cause like everyone else isn’t letting me pull any harder, yet, I’m not letting them at the same time, so that’s why you need less people on both sides.

WHY DOES THE OTHER CHURCH CALL OUR CHURCH A MEETING HALL?! It’s more like a social hall for YG… meeting hall for adults, but still, that’s not my point.

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  1. 2005/10/02 23:06

    aww..poor you! I hope you’re fine from your allergies!

  2. 2005/10/03 00:46

    I’m jealous of you. not the allergy part though.

  3. 2005/10/03 23:05

    D3 calls it a different church…

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