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War Drobe


[link to movie here, probably Animals Are Beautiful People]
This movie is the best. The ostriches are soo funny. So are all the sound effects.

People are so weird. They all wanna do this and that. People are like half guilting me into going to the school dance but I refuse. J5’s going, Q3 might, no one else is, so that’s a guilt. Plus, I owe her SOMETHING ’cause she keeps giving me the best snacks in the world. I feel spoiled. like a pet.

A4 like showed up at orchestra. I was so shocked that I tried to murder him, but I never got any real training in martial arts. I know I’m gonna hate Martial Arts Centr A. I’ll probably get in trouble for not being restrained enough. Taiwan sounds so much tougher [spaces happily].

I’m starting to form the hit list of the year. so far:
Niko [omit]
(if A4 were around, I’d add him too)

Don’t ask me how I’ll get at them… I’ll have to think of something. I already got at the b****** from PE in a way, but it’s not very satisfying. If anyone says, “anger management,” I’ll explode. and turn into a hyena. Hyenas are so stupid.

All of my t-shirts are either from Oregon, Montana, or Costco. and I have some polo shirts. ARGH. I either wear something that I don’t want to, or something that I don’t want to be seen in.
1. ew It might earn me a dress cut
2. sigh Too formal
3. Too dark
4.  Too much like a guy’s shirt
5. 〃〃〃〃〃〃
6. Adidas sucks
7. Too pink and bad phrase
8. Too much “girl power” crap. and I am so not “daddy’s little girl” even though I kicked people at some point in my life.
9. Souvenir is written all over it. What kind of person wears “washington dc”? or “glacier national park”? or even “end of the oregon trail / oregon city”? ARRRGH. or even “kanguru”? arrrrrgh. Can’t they pleease make some random t shirt that is gray ish with nothing on it? I like gray. and black. and olive green. and aqua blue. and my ATS shirt. my ATS shirt is  my fave.

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  1. 2005/09/30 20:36

    I’m going to homecoming, are you? It’s a football game over at the high school tonight. at 7:30. but yeah, you’re in 8th? cool. if there’s a dance with C Junior High and A Junior High, we might see each other (depending on whether I go or not..) and hey, you go to Martial Arts Centr A? taekwondo center? what belt are you?

  2. 2005/10/01 02:51

    hahaha she hasn’t even started yet… X2…
    I’m regretting signing up for Martial Arts Centr A too so you’re not the only one [Shock] and don’t go around kicking people ’cause you’ll get in trouble.

  3. 2005/10/01 11:45

    Hey, I went! And it looked like Sabina an Jessica had fun. So dont get all guilty about not going. U can 4 the winter dance, though, cause i wont be here 4 that one. so u haf to go! get haemin to go with u

  4. [Xanga deleted] permalink
    2005/10/01 10:39

    heyy… haven’t talked to you in a lonnnng while…so what’s up???&hearts

  5. 2005/10/01 13:55

    taiwan??? eh you + martial arts = davis becoming much more dangerous. 😛 oh I saw you in that picture with D3. from your church or something. nice pic

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