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From the mind to the body


I have a revelation. I dunno if it’s true, I’m just too lazy to add a question mark.

  • our minds are separate from our flesh
  • our minds control our flesh
  • but our flesh does not carry out what our mind thinks about unless the mind decides to do it
  • if a mind cannot control its flesh, it is weak and needs discipline

Guess my favorite animal. If you know, what do you think it would be if I changed it? and why would I have chosen that animal.

M3, you should not delete sites based on humiliation. I know I didn’t.

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  1. 2005/09/22 22:37

    I think if you were changed into a animal you would be a doggy, being a dog isn’t a bad thing! please don’t take offense to this comment and that I think you could be a dog if you were changed into one. well, I feel that you are nice and lovable just like a dog, but also like a dog if you’re hurt or feel angry you attack. Dogs are also ssssooooo cute! well unlike a dog, you don’t go and sniff people’s butts to greet them. =p.

  2. 2005/09/23 01:14

    I’m in 8th grade.

  3. 2005/09/23 19:55

    oh yeah, B5 wanted me to tell you that she wants to talk to you, so either call her or IM her, she’ll probably tell you why she didn’t get you anything.
    I think you might be a fish, sort of one of those fancy ones with those long trails. Or else a bear cub. However, that’s not your favorite animal.
    what’s M3’s xanga?
    I already know N2. well, thank you very much.

  4. 2005/09/23 19:56

    I also already knew her xanga.

  5. 2005/09/23 19:57

    but thanks anyway, I don’t mean to sound mean, it just sounds like that after I post the comment and read it again.

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