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My four year old sister is a prep with a boyfriend and a social life. (She’s getting dissed by this girl named Nova, but Hannah is trying to make Nova like her. Dimwit.) Is something wrong with this picture? (figuratively)

I got a haircut. I hate it. I donated my hair to Locks of Love. They should be satisfied ’cause Hannah and Mom donated, too. I miss my hair. This seventh grader named Andy is like “How come all of a sudden I’m running into you?” ’cause I didn’t stick out, without the dorky cropped haircut thing i have now. I DON’T feel warm and fuzzy. I feel fidgety. That is not good.

On Saturday, I went to Church B’s youth meeting. For comparison, we all have to share about something, we have smaller groups, homier settings, AND the people don’t go insane until snack break. Yea. One prob? They change location every week. If anyone wants to check it out, the next meeting is at 11-3pm at Stonegate Pk (?) and it’s a BBQ. Dunno if I’m going, but they will still hold a meeting. They have the gray book [a kind of hymnal] so no need to worry about what you bring. As for the Bible, it’s Recovery version with footnotes. Only the Church B uses ’em. I only have the new testament, and they’re studying old. so yeah.

Church B’s other branch is where my cousins go. They don’t go to this branch though. My mom’s like “Pick one” “Which do you like better” “remember this branch is closer.” NOT TO MENTION WE CAN CARPOOL ‘CAUSE I CAN WALK TO THE NEAREST GOERS! I only hafta cross the street once and I’m there. then I ring the doorbell, Z2 says to just come in next time.. yada yada. Like I ever will do that. The second eldest son of Z2 is a serving one in the meeting. B3, the only daughter, started going this year I think. and D3, the korean girl who moved in just in time for school, is staying there forever, she says.

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  1. 2005/09/19 20:19

    your hair looks fine…and besides, don’t you feel good that you donated your hair to a good cause?

  2. 2005/09/20 19:33

    I agree, your hair looks great! ha ha, Hannah a prep, LOL it sounds funny….. you know if like you put like preppy [Shock] together it’s like an oxymoron…. LOL…. sorry, I’m not so clear in the head today…… wait Hannah has a boyfriend?

  3. 2005/09/20 21:24

    oh, and about Hannah ha! my sis went through like 10 boyfriends before first grade itself.

  4. 2005/09/25 21:08

    uhh.. you’re not goin to church A YG anymore?

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