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I hate playing basketball


I forgot what I was gonna put on my xanga…oh well.

I haven’t updated forever
Please still check my xanga or I won’t ever ever update again. In plain english…COMMENT.

I can’t go on the computer because I’m trying to be good for once, but ever since my dad finished setting up that stoopid basketball hoop my spare time is supposed to be spent on that. It’s so hopeless….when it comes to basketball, I stink to high heaven. TOTALLY NOT EXAGGERATING!. I stinkistinkistink. I can’t type that fast. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T GO ON A COMPUTER FOR A WEEK. This is so pathetic…. I’m out of practice.

OK this is soo stupid too… During a passing period, X walked right past me and made me flinch -_-. People should not just do that, they should give others some space. So just to freak him out back, I said hi. It took him, like, 5 seconds to realize someone was talkin to him.

I am so gonna flunk the auditions…if that’s possible. aaaaahhhhhhhhh.

If anyone who is reading this is good at everything I suck at… I HATE YOU. You suck. maybe not as much as me, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT. not that there is a point.


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  1. 2005/09/16 00:40

    why do you want comments so much. if people want to comment then they will. you don’t have to force us all..

  2. 2005/09/16 03:32

    hi I’m commenting and you don’t have to hate me, ’cause I suck at b-ball too and I’m definitely going to do really really bad on the auditions and get the last chair…..*sigh*…. I think I’m depressed…

  3. 2005/09/16 20:23

    ha! I can say I will get last chair without lying, unlike you! and neither you nor N2 are going to flunk. I should be practicing right now. whatev.
    And if you suck at b-ball, which you most certainly DO NOT, isn’t the b-ball hoop helping? or you could invite R3 over and she’ll make sure you improve! No matter what it takes! Maybe if you invite her over on a saturday when she doesn’t have a tournament (which is like never) She and you can run 5 min miles! You can adopt R3’s policy, Do it or die trying! Yea!
    I’m not sure who flowur_chika_13 is, but she’s right… and you’ve been getting a lot of good, long comments for the past few updates.
    I wrote you a really long comment for 1 of the earlier posts, but I accidentally deleted it. sorry.

  4. 2005/09/16 20:51

    ‘comment’ =)

  5. 2005/09/17 02:19

    practice makes perfect…

  6. Anonymous permalink
    2005/09/17 19:09

    just because we don’t comment doesn’t mean we don’t read your entries. Basketball is fun! Play basketball! Your dad asks you now to play basketball?

  7. 2005/09/18 16:47

    heh all I can say is get better at both 😛 and yea you don’t suck at computers but you do suck at basketball 😛 I’m J/P and also relax people will give you comments and really good luck on auditions I got second chair TT_TT

  8. Anonymous permalink
    2005/09/18 22:12

    whoa… threatening us for not commenting… ._. harsh…hahaha I suck in basketball too… @_@

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